Cycle results

Navigate to the results tab to view aggregated results for your cycle. The results will show answers given related to the subject employee per review type for each question. You can use the filters to view segments of the results.

In the example above you can see the answer distribution for question number 3 by different managers relating to their direct reports.

For each scale question, you will see an average score of all the answers. Click on “View all answers” to see the actual answer for each manager.

You can select one question on the manager form that will appear on the employee timeline. We recommend this question to be an overall performance question that you want to stand out.

You can use the column picker to add additional employee fields to the table. Click on each answer on the graph to filter these results.

Note: table questions do not have an aggregate view, you can view the answers on the form itself.

Cycle report

In order to download a report of progress and results to XLSX click on Actions → Download Cycle Report.

You can select fields to include in the report referring to the employee and the reviewer:

The report will include the reviews completion status and the question results.

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