People who have permissions to create goals in Bob can also import goals data from an external source to Bob.

FYI: Access to this capability is managed by your company's HR admin. If you do not have access and believe you should reach out to them.

How to import goals to Bob

  1. From the main menu, select Talent > Goals > Import.
  2. Click + Import.
  3. Click Upload, then drop files or browse your files to upload a .xlsx (Excel) file.

    Tip: Don't have a spreadsheet? Click Goals Data at the bottom of the Import Goals window to download the spreadsheet template. Input your goals data into the downloaded template according to the fields in the template.

  4. Click Upload File, then click Done.
  5. From the Select identifier dropdown menu, select Email, Employee ID, or Full Name.
  6. From the Find it in your file dropdown menu, select the Excel file field that matches the selected identifier.
  7. Click Next.
  8. In the table, match the field types from your files to goal fields in the dropdown menus.

    Note: When the field titles match, Bob will show a checkmark icon on the right. If a title does not have a match and if there is an anomaly, Bob will flag it with an error icon on the right. If you're using the exact template from Bob then it will recognize the fields automatically.

  9. Click Import, then click Are you sure?.
  10. Click Done.
    Your goals are imported into the system and can be viewed in Talent > Goals > My goals. The system will automatically flag any errors, anomalies, and values which might need to be manually sorted.