bob will guide you through a step-by-step process to set up a new compensation event, starting with the event details.


How to set up event details

  1. Press Comp. on the main menu

  2. Click + New Event

  3. Give your event a name under Event name

  4. Provide a Description of the event. This step is optional and can help you and the event planners align on the subject matter of the event when working on multiple events.

  5. Select event Participants. These are the people whose compensation will be reviewed. You can choose between three options:

    1. All employees
      Note: this list automatically includes all of the employees whose lifecycle status is ‘employed’

    2. Select by condition to create a highly targeted list using as many conditions as you like

      1. After marking the Select by condition option, click on the Edit button

      2. Press + Add condition and select the desired values in each of the dropdowns from left to right

      3. Repeat as desired to add more conditions
        Note: All conditions must be met for a person to be included in the event.

      4. Click Apply

    3. Select by name to select specific people

      1. Click on the Select button

      2. Scroll or search for the employee(s) that you’d like to include and tick the box to their left

      3. Press Select

6. Click + Select to choose the compensation Components to include in the review event. You will be able to select components based on the data in the employee profile payroll tables. There are two possible categories to include:

  • Compensation Reviews: these include any payments that are part of an employee’s contract, e.g. base salary or commission.

  • Cash Awards: these are payments allocated on an ad-hoc basis, e.g. an end-of-year bonus.

  • Equity: these are long-term share-based grants, e.g. options, RSUs, etc.

To add components to the compensation event:


a. Tick the box next to each of the compensation components you would like to include


b. Click Apply


7. Scroll or search to select one person from the Event Approver dropdown as the person who will receive all of the planners’ worksheets and give the final approval the proposed compensation changes

8. Click on the Next button at the bottom right of the page when you’re done

Great! You're now ready to set up the event's Financials.

Remember this: Your changes will be saved whenever you click Next in each step of the setup wizard so you can leave and come back to continue working on the setup as needed


  • When using condition field dropdowns (e.g. when selecting Participants), you can use “By Group” conditions to pull from Groups in bob

  • Make sure employee payroll data is up-to-date in bob before setting up a compensation event. This is where bob pulls available components from, such as:

    • Base salary, taken from the Salary table

    • On-target variables such as commission, MBO, etc., taken from the Variable Pay table

    • Cash Awards, taken from the Actual Payments table

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