Learn how to incorporate the talent information of your employees in a compensation event.

This optional step allows you to incorporate performance information from within Bob as well as your chosen salary benchmark data into the planner worksheets. If you’d like to skip this step, click Next.


How to include talent information in a compensation event

In the Talent info section under

  1. Switch on the Load performance info toggle to include participants’ latest performance rating score from Bob in planners’ worksheets. This action will also enable options for overall ratings; calculated from Performance review cycles.

  2. Switch on the Enable employee goals to enable the goals data appear in the side panel in planners’ worksheets

  3. Switch on the Enable benchmark upload toggle to include your external benchmark data in planners’ worksheets
    Note: this option is only available when at least one component from the Compensation reviews (e.g. base salary) is selected

    1. Press Download template and open the file

    2. Input your benchmark data into the downloaded template. You can find instructions on how to do so in the first sheet, and the second sheet already includes all of your selected participants along with their relevant information (e.g. current salary, salary currency, etc.)

    3. Save the file to your computer

    4. Go back to bob and click on Add file

    5. Drag and drop the file or click to select your .xlsx file

    6. Press Upload

  4. Click on the Next button at the bottom right of the page when you’re done

Wonderful, you can now set up the event's Components.


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