Setting up a compensation event's planners and worksheets

This step of the setup wizard has two parts split into two articles. This article covers the instructions for how to select the event’s planners and creating the planning tree, and the following article covers how to allocate the budget among the planners.

In this article, you’ll see:

  1. How to select planners and corresponding participants
  2. How to remove planners
  3. How to move participants to a different planner
  4. How to add a co-planners
  5. How to remove a co-planner
  6. How to replace reviewers

How to select  planners and corresponding participants

Planners are the main people working on the worksheet. They are the first to directly evaluate and propose compensation changes for the participants in their worksheet, typically their direct or indirect reports.

  1. Click Select Planners.
  2. Choose whether to select planners By condition or By name.
  3. If selected By condition: select the conditions using the value fields (e.g. by one or more sites), adding as many as you wish.
    Note: the default condition is to include all managers as planners.
  4. If selected By name: scroll or search for the people you’d like to include and tick the box to their left.
  5. Choose whether to assign participants By ‘reports to’ hierarchy or By employee reference. 
  6. If selected By employee reference, choose the reference field, e.g. HRBP.
  7. Click Select to save.

Perfect! A preview of the compensation event will appear below showcasing the planning tree. Bob creates the planning tree by taking all of the event's participants and rolling them up into the closest planner in their reporting line based on your organization’s org chart.

Note: If you see a notification at the top of the section after having selected the planners, it means that a number of participants are missing a planner. To resolve this:

  1. Click Assign participants to a planner.
  2. Select a planner from the upper dropdown.
  3. Scroll or search for the participants you’d like to assign to that planner and tick the box to their left in the Employee Selection.
  4. Repeat as needed.

How to remove planners

  1. Click on the three dot menu in the row of the planner who you’d like to remove.
  2. Select Remove as a Planner.


  • If the planner you’re removing has a reviewer (typically the next person up in the org chart), the removed planner’s participants will be automatically assigned to that reviewer.
  • If the planner does not have a reviewer, the participants will be un-assigned, and you’ll be able to assign them to a new planner as per the instructions above.

How to move participants to a different planner

  1. Click on the three dot menu in the row of the current planner whose participants you’d like to re-assign.
  2. Select Move Participants To Another Planner.
  3. Select the new planner from the New Planner dropdown.
  4. Select the participants you’d like to reassign to the new planner you had selected.
  5. Click Apply.
  6. Repeat as needed.

How to add a co-planner

Co-planners are people who will work alongside a planner during the compensation event, e.g. HRBP. By default, all co-planners can view and comment on planners’ work, and may collaborate with them according to any additional permissions granted in this step. 

  1. Go to the Co-planners column in the worksheet preview and hover over the field of the intended planner. A Select button will appear.
  2. Press the Select button to add one or more co-planners to work with the planner on their worksheet.
  3. Click on the dropdown and scroll or search for the employee(s) that you’d like to select and click to add.
  4. Click on the Apply button in the list, then click on the Apply button in the Select planner window.
  5. Repeat as needed.
  6. Click on the dropdown below the worksheet and select which capabilities you’d like to provide the co-planners.
    Note: The “Edit worksheet notes” option may be selected if worksheet notes were enabled in the Talent info step.

How to remove a co-planner

  1. Remove co-planners by clicking on the three dot menu of the planner’s row.
  2. Select Remove Co-Planner(s).

How to replace reviewers

Reviewers are next in line in the worksheet approval flow and are automatically part of the planning tree. Their role is to review and eventually submit the worksheet to the next person in the approval flow. As part of the review process, they can propose new compensation changes as well as make edits and comments on existing proposals. Reviewers can also send the worksheet back to the previous planner in the approval flow.

Follow these steps to replace a reviewer:

  1. Click on the three dot menu of the planner’s row.
  2. Select Replace Reviewer.
  3. Choose the planner’s new reviewer from the dropdown by clicking on their name. 

Note: People cannot replace their own direct reports as reviewers.

Tip: You may preview a particular planner’s specific worksheet by clicking on the three dot menu on the right-hand side of the row of the planner and selecting Preview Worksheet.

Worksheet and planners all ready? Go on to allocate your budget among the planners.