This optional step allows you to link the compensation allocation to employee updates workflows using your existing flows list in bob, e.g. a promotion flow. If you’d like to skip this step, click Next.

  1. Turn on the Enable employee updates toggle

  2. Scroll or search for the task Flows that you’d like to include from the Update type dropdown and tick the box to their left. A list of the participants who match with the flow you’ve chosen will appear.

  3. The flows will be triggered upon the completion of the compensation event

  4. Click on the Next button at the bottom right of the page when you’re done

Tip: You can click on the people icons of each flow to search for specific people.


Fantastic! Planners and reviewers can now propose the employee update to the employees while they review their compensation in the worksheet.


The employee update flows will be triggered upon the completion of the event, after the Event approver has approved all worksheets and once you click on Update profiles.


In the next step you'll begin setting up your worksheets and planning tree.