View goals data in performance reviews

Goals information can be accessed in the goals side panel when partaking in performance reviews to empower you and the people in your organization to conduct holistic reviews.

Get the most out of Bob

  • View goals in performance reviews to allow people to assess themselves and others more holistically, depending on the permissions granted by quickly accessing goals data right from the performance review.
  • Any changes to a goal during the performance cycle will be marked in the specific goal's activity log.

Note: Seeing goals data in performance reviews is optional. If you'd like to use this, ensure that your admin has enabled it. To learn more, see Create a performance review cycle.

How to view and use goals in a performance review

To view goals via the goals side panel in a performance review, follow these steps:

  1. From the left menu, select Talent > Performance > My reviews.
  2. Click View at the right end of the performance review.
  3. Click View goals besides the employee avatar.
    The side panel with the goals information will appear to the right.
  4. To create a new goal, click New goal at the top right of the side panel.
    This will open a new tab to create a goal.
  5. To view a specific goal, click the goal's title. To make further changes to the goal, click on the open in a new tab icon on the top right of the side panel.

Note: When reviewing goals in performance reviews of cycles that have ended, the information will show a snapshot of the goals' status during the time of the review.