Asking people to act on eSign documents is done via either the person’s employee profile, People’s docs or the Directory. HR leaders can also request multiple people to act on the same document in bulk from the Directory or as part of the New Hire flow for automating the onboarding of new joiners, for example.

Once you assign the request, the first recipient will receive an email with the selected eSign template’s message and will be directed to review and act on the document as per the eSign template settings assigned to them. Once they complete their part, the document is sent to the next recipient, and so on, until the document is signed by all requested recipients.

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Streamline internal changes and updates when you create a task list including eSign. Create an eSign task within a list to ensure documentation is signed for a new promotion, someone going on leave, or financial changes. You can also streamline and automate steps in new hire procedures by including eSign templates to new hire flows using the new hire flow wizard. To learn more, see Set up an eSign Request task and Set up a New Hire Flow.

Triggering an eSign request to multiple people at once, e.g., in the case of an update to a company policy, is possible via the Directory. Following a bulk request, the person who triggered the request will receive an email with a report of who successfully received the request and who did not. The email will also include potential reasons they did not receive the request so it can be resolved as needed.

How to manually trigger an eSign request

  1. From the left menu, select People > Directory.

    Tip: You can also search for a single employee by typing their name in the search bar at the top right of the screen.

  2. Mark the checkbox to the left of the employee(s) you want to request a signature from.
  3. From the Actions dropdown menu, select Documents > Request signature.
  4. From the dropdown menus, select the relevant eSign template and which folder you will save the document to.
    • The user requesting the eSign needs to have upload permissions to the destination folder where the file will be saved once completed.
    • Only eSign templates marked as Active will appear in the dropdown menu.
  5. In Recipient order, you may change the recipients for the signature request, if needed. From the dropdown menus, select the recipient you wish to send the request to for approval.
  6. Click Assign.
    After it has been filled and signed by the recipient(s), an email notification will be sent to the requester. This email includes a link to the completed document.


How do I review eSign requests that I have sent?

To review the status of the eSign requests, go to Docs > Requests and see the article Getting started with document Requests for further guidance.

Which permissions do I need in order to manually trigger an eSign request?

Your Bob Admin should grant you permissions to request eSign for employees and to view the employee folder where the completed document will be saved. The admin will need to select Settings > Roles & Permissions. The Admin will need to manage an existing permissions group you belong to or create a permissions group that includes you. From the Manage permissions section, select the Other employees tab. Select Docs > eSign templates. Enable Request eSign for employee. In the same tab, select Docs. Select the employee folder(s) to grant permissions to. Enable View and Upload selected employees’ docs in the folder.