Manage attendance as an employee

If you need to check, update or submit the number of hours you have worked you’ll find it all in My attendance.

You can clock in and clock out each day, see your most recent timesheet, adjust your hours and submit the timesheet to your manager.


Welcome to this walkthrough, a Bob’s time and attendance feature.

To manage your attendance in Bob, you need to click on the attendance tab and here you will see your timesheet.

You can clock in and clock out and view all of your timesheets.

You will see the daily breakdown and you can complete missing entries and add notes.

If necessary.

You can request time off and attach documents if needed.

You can also download an Excel of your timesheet.

Please note all of these actions can be made also through the app on your mobile device.

Once you complete all the entries, you can submit your timesheet and now your manager can approve it.

We hope you found this helpful, looking forward to your feedback.

Note: You can clock in and out multiple times a day. For example, if you take an extended lunch break or work multiple shifts on the same day you may want to clock out before you leave work and clock in again when you return.

How to clock in and out via My attendance

Clocking in starts your work timer and clocking out stops it.

  1. From the left menu select Time > My attendance.
    At the top of the My attendance page you will see:
    • The current date and time
    • Your most recent clock in and out times for that day
    • The total number of hours you’ve worked that day
  2. To start the timer click Clock in at the top of the page.
    The button will change to Clock out.
  3. To stop the timer click Clock out

How to clock in and out via the home page

  1. Open the home page.
  2. Navigate to the time widget on the top right.
  3. To start the timer click Clock in at the top of the page.
    The button will change to Clock out.
  4. To stop the timer click Clock out

How to clock in and out using Slack

Note: This option is available only if Bob has been integrated with Slack. See Slack integration for full details.

  1. Open Slack.
  2. Select Bob in the Apps section in the left menu.
  3. In the Attendance section, click Clock in or Clock out.

Alternatively, you can open any Slack conversation, and clock in by typing /bob clockin or /bob clock in and hitting Enter, or clock out by typing /bob clockout or /bob clock out and hitting Enter.

How to submit a timesheet

At the end of each pay period you’ll receive a nudge reminder to submit your timesheet. 

  1. From the left menu, select Time > My attendance.
  2. To update your start and end time for a specific day, click Complete entry in a row.
    This opens the Attendance popup. Enter your Clock in and Clock out times and an optional reason and click Save.
  3. To retroactively request time off for a specific day, click Request time off in a row.
    This opens the Request time off popup.
    Complete the form, as described in Request time off as an employee and click Submit.
  4. If you have the Quick Fix option you can apply the same start and end times to all entries that need to be completed.
    Click Quick fix at the top right of the timesheet to open the Quick fix popup. Then select the Clock in and Clock out times and click Apply.
  5. To Edit an entry click on the row for that day to open the Attendance popup. Then update the hours.
    • To add a reason for editing the entry, select a reason from the dropdown list or add a new one by clicking Edit list then +Add.
    • To add a note click Add note and enter the text in the Note text box.
  6. Click Submit.
    Once you’ve submitted a timesheet, it’ll be sent to your manager for approval. 


What can I see in my timesheet?

The timesheet is the grid at the bottom of the My attendance page. It shows the hours you worked on each day of the current pay period - e.g. this calendar month or this week (depending on how often you are required to submit your timesheet).

Can I edit my attendance times?

Before submitting your timesheet you can edit it by clicking the attendance submission in the table to open the Attendance popup.Enter the adjusted Clock in and Clock out times and click Save. You may also enter a reason, add a note for the time you clocked in and out (optional). Click + Add entry to enter multiple entries for the same day. 

What do I do if I have multiple different time off records in one day?

Sometimes you’ll have  multiple time off records in one day e.g. you worked from home from 9 am-11 am and then took the rest of the day as “Sick”. In these cases you can:

  • You can change the record to indicate a partial absence using relevant policy, e.g. in the example above, morning as working (or the hours), and the rest of the time or afternoon as sick, or
  • You can remove the attendance entries altogether and record the full day as the relevant out of office policy, e.g. in the example above, a full sick day.

How can I review previous timesheets?

The default view of My attendance displays your hours for the current pay period, but you can also review previous timesheets that were already submitted. Click the arrow next to the pay period date range at the top of the page and select a previous period..

Can I download a timesheet?

Sure! Just click the Download icon at the top right of the timesheet.The currently displayed timesheet will download as an .xslx file.