Proactive Insights are the automated descriptive analyses of each Out-of-the box widget.

These insights appear in a blue text box below the charts on the dashboard page or on the right when opening the More details popup. 

Screen Shot 2022-06-16 at 18.08.26.png

How does the Insights Engine work?

The Insights Engine looks at all of the data from every possible angle and checks if any of the insights meet the significance threshold of an insight.

If it is met or exceeded, the insight is generated and presented to the user.

There are three different types of insights that can be generated:

  • At a glance - The main takeaway from the chart as a whole

  • Spotlight - A deeper dive into a subsection of the data, either a date range or a group

  • Outliers - Values that are significantly different than expected

How to use Proactive Insights

The Proactive Insights are dynamic, meaning that they are generated and presented based on the current data viewed within a KPI chart.

Therefore, the insight presented will change when you change the chart, for instance when:

  • Changing the Date range

  • Changing the Group by value

  • Activating or deactivating the Over time toggle