Manage overlapping time off requests

Sometimes, an employee may request time off that overlaps with a previously submitted request, regardless of whether the former request had been approved. 

For example, if an employee requests a sick day during a work travel period or holiday time during a period of working remotely.

Note: Request override is available only for policy types with the activity type set to Working and where it has been configured to be allowed. For full details see Set up time off policy types.


How to review overlapping time off requests

If a new time off request overlaps with another already submitted by the same employee, this is noted in the request. To learn more, see Manage employee time off requests.

  1. From the left menu select Time > People’s time off
  2. Click Review requests 
  3. Expand a request pending approval (either pending your approval or approval from others)
  4. Approve the request by clicking on the checkmark icon for the relevant request

Note: If a work-related time off request (e.g. work travel) is overridden by a non-work-related time off request (e.g. a sick or vacation day in the middle of the work-related request), then the original work-related time off request may not be edited to extend it. To add more work-related days, submit a new request.


How will I know if a time off request clashes with another previously submitted request?
When you make a time off request, if it clashes with another request a dedicated alert will be shown in the request popup..

Does the first request need to be approved before submitting or approving an overriding request?
Not at all. The original request can be pending approval while the employee will still be able to submit an overlapping request.

If the overriding request is canceled, is the duration of the original request restored to the full length of the time-off?
Yes, it will be restored.

Should the period of the overriding request fall entirely within the period of the former request
No. The overlap between the requests can cover one or more dates so that the former request can end prior to the overriding request or start during the period of the overriding request.

Can overlapping requests be submitted from the mobile application?
Yes, you can submit overlapping requests from the mobile app.

Can overlapping requests be submitted from Slack?
Yes. Slack will alert the user with the same message presented in-app. To learn more, see Slack integration.

Can overlapping requests be submitted from Microsoft Teams?
Yes. Please note that the override alerts are not presented via the Microsoft Teams interface.