If you need to analyze employees’ Time & Attendance data, generate a range of customizable reports directly from the Reports page.


Get the most out of Bob

  • Seven Time & attendance reports are available as templates.
  • In addition, five pre-generated Time & attendance reports are saved for you in the Company reports folder.
  • You can filter the report by any of the default filters or click Advanced to filter by any other employee fields.
  • Add, remove or move any columns via the column picker.

Quick filters

The following filters are available at the top of the Time & Attendance reports, although Some filters are available only with particular reports.

  • Date range 
  • View by e.g., Site or Department.
  • Policy type 
  • Site
  • Lifecycle status e.g., Hired, Employed, Terminated.

Note about the Lifecycle filter: Currently, all Time and attendance reports show employee records based on their current status only, and not with respect to the point in time. E.g., if you are running the report for the past month and the Date range filter is set to show “hired” employees only, the record of an employee who was terminated during this month twill not show because as of today the employee is terminated. 

How to generate a Time and attendance report from the reports templates 

  1. From the left menu, select Analytics > Reports.
  2. Click + Add new > Report > Use a template.
  3. Select Time & Attendance from the left menu.
  4. Select a report and click Generate.

The following report templates are available:

Daily summary 

This report shows full details of each employee’s daily timesheet entries, including how many overtime hours they worked. 

It displays a single row for each day worked by an employee.

Using the filters you can easily check which hours employees in specific sites or departments worked on particular days or a number of days.

Exceptions report

This report allows you to view any exceptions (validations) included in employees’ timesheets.

Exceptions are the situations that can prompt an alert in the timesheet, such as if the employee worked more than 12 hours in a day or has pending time off requests. Exceptions are configured in the Restrictions and Validations step of the Site attendance settings. 

The report displays one row for each employee, so all exceptions for the date range period will appear in the Exceptions column.

Site attendance hourly breakdown

This report allows you to view the exact times employees clocked in and clocked out each day.

It displays a single row for each timesheet entry, so if an employe clocked and clocked out twice in a day it will be displayed as two separate rows. This can be used to measure time spent on specific tasks as it shows the total time Duration for each period that the employee is “clocked in”.


This report shows the accumulated days/hours worked by each employee during the date range period.

One row is shown per employee, with all the data added up. 

Note: If only part of an attendance cycle is within the selected date range the report will include only the data from those days. E.g., if the date range is the month of June and the cycle is 20th of the month to the 19th of the month, the report will only show data for the first 10 days of the cycle - 20th to 30th June.

Timesheet status and summary

Use this report to see the current status of employees’ timesheets across multiple sites at once. 

It shows both the current status of the timesheet and the name of the manager who is required to approve the timesheet, which is useful if you want to nudge the approver to approve a timesheet or nudge employees to submit their timesheet.

This timesheet status is shown in the Sheet status column.

The report shows one row per attendance cycle.

It will display any cycles that include even one day in the date range, e.g., if the report is configured to show the current month and the attendance cycle is from the 20th to the 19th, it will include the status of timesheets from last month, this month and next month. 

Note: Because the report shows one row per cycle, each row will show the full hours worked for that cycle - not just the hours that fall in the filtered date range. E.g., if the date range is the month of June and the attendance cycle is 20th of the month to the 19th of the month, the report will show data for the entire cycle.

Timesheet summary

This gives you details of each employee’s timesheet. 

It shows one row for each day the employee worked.

Pre-generated reports in Company Reports

The following reports are available out-of-the-box in the Company reports folder:

  • Timsheets summary
  • Exceptions
  • Daily summary
  • Site attendance hourly breakdown
  • Summary