The Reports module allows you to generate, customize, save and schedule reports, so you can analyze the wide range of employee data in Bob.


Get the most out of Bob

  • Schedule reports to automatically run and be sent to colleagues.
  • Keep your reports organized by saving them in the shared Company reports folder or in your own personal My reports folders.
  • Every saved report updates automatically - so you’ll always see the latest data when you open it.
  • Use pre-created templates instead of building every report from scratch.

Before you begin

Check out the Reports glossary to get familiar with the main terms used in the Reports module.

How to use the Reports module

To access the Reports module, from the left menu select Analytics > Reports

Then you can:

Report template categories

Pre-created templates are available for the following categories:

Note: If your organization has not added on extra modules, such as Talent, you will not have access to the report categories for those modules. And if an employee does not have permission to access data within a category, such as Time & Attendance, they will not see that category.

How to set up permissions for people using reports

If you are Bob admin you can give permissions for people to access and use reports. E.g, you may want to give your analysts certain reports-related permissions. To learn more, see Create a custom permission group.

  1. From the left menu, select Settings > Permission groups.
  2. Select the group you’d like to manage.
  3. Click Edit permissions.
  4. From the Features tab, select Reports
  5. Mark or unmark the checkbox to enable or disable the permissions:
    • Create and edit reports.
    • Create and edit scheduled reports.
    • Export visible information from directory or reports.
    • View all reports.
  6. Click Save, review the summary of changes, and then click Apply.