After you have set up a compensation event, learn what you can do as an Admin. The actions below take place after you click Finish setup. See what you can do before and after launching your event. 

Before you begin

  • Be aware of all previous and current compensation events on the main Comp. screen:
    • Draft: The event has not launched yet, no Planner has been invited, and the event may be in setup or post-setup mode.

      Note: The Admin can still go back to setup.

    • Running: The event was launched, and it’s not possible for the Admin to go back to setup
    • Approved: The event approver gave formal approval for the event. 
    • Ended: The event is approved and decisions were communicated to the employee profiles from the event itself.

      Note: In order to reach Ended you will need to click on End Event. You will only see End event after you updated the employee card. Once ended, it's not possible to Request signature.

  • If you would like to duplicate an event, from the left menu, select Comp then click the three-dot menu of the event you'd like to copy and select Duplicate. The new event will be seen at the top in Draft status, displaying the same name as the original event with "copy" at the end. Click Continue on the new event, edit the Event name if needed, and continue with the event setup.

Note: The following configurations are not maintained in duplications: Goals, Guidelines, Employee updates, Worksheet alerts, and the Sender (From) of invitation notification.

How to use the three-dot menu before the event's launch


Back to setup

Click Back to setup to edit participants, exchange rates, eligibility rules, budgets, alerts, notifications, add Planners or change the hierarchy, and more.

Note: This can only be done while the compensation event is in Draft status. Once the event has been launched, and Planners have been invited to the event, it will not be possible to go back to setup. 

What is not saved when you go back to set up 

If any component’s eligibility is manually overridden on returning to setup, any such changes will be lost, regardless of eligibility status, and will not be saved when you go back to setup. 


If a participant was not eligible for Base Salary based on a company policy defined in the setup process, but the Admin manually changed the participant’s eligibility to eligible (see Edit eligible below), going back to and completing the setup, will result in the participant’s ineligibility once again. This is because the manual adjustments are not saved, and as Admin, you will need to redo it.

In a Cash Award By variable plan, if the budget has been amended by manually adding or subtracting (see Edit budget below) or by importing the populated budget allocation template (see Import budget allocation below), by going back to setup, any such changes will be lost.

Import recommendations

Click Import recommendations to download a template where recommendations can be populated as an amount or percentage, and are applicable to all or some participants and for any component configured within the event setup. Once populated, the template can be imported, meaning that recommendations are pre-populated in applicable worksheets.

Tip: Remember to populate recommendations in the template as an amount or a percentage, but not both. If you choose to populate recommendations as a percentage, don’t include the percentage symbol (%).
The template may include ineligible participants. Cross-reference the participants with those in the event, using the eligibility column from the roll-up report (see Rollup below), and ensure that only eligible participants’ recommendations are imported.

Import budget allocation

Click Import budget allocation to download a template where the direct budget for each Planner, and for any component configured within the event setup can be populated. Once populated, the template can be imported, and the direct budget(s) are allocated to each Planner. As a result, the Org budget will be adjusted according to the direct budget allocation.

Import worksheet notes

Click Import worksheet notes to download a template where Worksheet notes can be populated for either all or some participants. Once populated, the template can be imported, and Worksheet notes will be pre-populated in applicable worksheets.

Change editing permissions

Click Change editing permissions to allow recommendation edits to be disabled for any component that has been configured within the event setup.

Note: These permissions also apply to Co-planners. Planners, Reviewers, and Co-planners will be able to view component recommendations for which editing permissions have been disabled. These permissions are not applied to Admin users, enabling Admin users to edit recommendations for any component configured within the event setup at any time before recommendations are approved.

Refresh performance rating

Click Refresh performance rating to refresh the overall rating from the last Talent performance cycles in which participants have participated. This capability supports cases where the last performance cycle has not been completed before the compensation event is launched.

Note: You can also refresh the performance rating after you have launched the compensation event. 

How to use the Actions menu before the event's launch


The Actions dropdown menu will only appear when you checkmark at least one Planner. You will be able to execute some actions in bulk, e.g., Invite, Nudge, Submit on behalf, Edit Co-planners, and Approve worksheets.


Click Invite to allow single or multiple Planners to be invited to take part in the event, and make recommendations for participants.
To invite a Planner to take part in the event without sending a notification email, after you have clicked Invite, untick the box next to Send invite email. In this instance, the Planner will still have the Comp menu option displayed in the left-hand menu in their Bob account.
If a Co-planner was assigned before a Planner has been invited to the event, both will be invited to the event simultaneously and, if selected, a notification email will be sent to both.
If a Co-planner is assigned after the Planner is invited, the Co-planner will immediately and automatically be invited, and a notification will automatically be sent to the Co-planner.

Submit (on-behalf)

Click Submit (on-behalf) to allow worksheets to be submitted on behalf of either single or multiple Planners and/or Reviewers.

Note: Worksheets can be submitted by an Admin even when the worksheet has an Error alert e.g, a recommendation contradicts the policies configured as part of the event setup. An Error alert will be represented by a red circle with an exclamation mark.

Edit eligible

Click Edit eligible to allow changing the eligibility for any participant, in any component, from being eligible to ineligible, or ineligible to eligible.

Note: This does not change the eligibility rules in step 4: components but just changes the eligibility of selected participants. Once eligibility has been changed, it will have no impact on the budget. Once you go back to set up, this action will not be saved, and you will need to do it again after setup. 

When revoking eligibility from a participant, a reason must be entered. The reason entered will be displayed when you hover over the X in the eligibility column within the worksheet.

Edit co-planners

Click Edit co-planners to allow Co-planners to be added or removed from a worksheet.
A Co-planner cannot be a participant in the designated worksheet, or a lower-ranked participant in the same organization, e.g., a team leader cannot be added to a VP’s worksheet if the team leader is part of the same organization.

Note: You can select multiple worksheets and add or remove the same Co-planner.

Edit budget

Click Edit budget to allow for any component configured within the event setup to be added to or subtracted from the budget assigned to a Planner. As a result, the Org budget will be updated accordingly.

Note: When moving participants or changing eligibility, the budget needs to be updated manually.

Move participants

Click Move participants to allow selected participants to be moved from one Planner to another Planner.

Note: you cannot move named Planners to other Planners worksheets as this can only be done as part of Step 6: Planners & worksheets. Once a participant is moved to another planner, it has no impact on the budget.


Click Rollup to allow for the selected Reviewer to roll up the org, enabling a holistic view of all participants and removing the hierarchy associated with the org.

Note: Rollup is view-only, so edit recommendations are not available, but comments can be added per participant in the designated area. The rollup view reflects the org budget, and Insights are specifically relevant for this org.

An additional action to take from the worksheet 

Within a worksheet, you will have the Set worksheet columns as default button available to you. Click Set worksheet columns as default to allow columns to be displayed in a set way within a worksheet, with the same worksheet assigned as the default to all other worksheets in the event.

Note: Once the event has been launched, a Planner and/or Reviewer can apply their preferences to how worksheet columns are displayed without impacting anyone else. Any worksheet view changes will be duplicated in all other worksheets for Reviewers and Admins who can see more than one worksheet.


How to use Actions menu after the event's launch

Send back

Click Send back to send a worksheet back to the user who submitted it.


Click Nudge to send a notification email reminder to Planners and/or Reviewers who have yet to submit their worksheets.

Note: The Notification email content and format can be seen in Step 8: Notifications of the event setup.


Click Approve to approve on behalf of the event approver(s).

An additional action to take from the three-dot menu

Once all worksheets are in status Pending Approval status, click Share all with approver to notify the event approver to enter and approve the event. To learn more, see also how to end a compensation event.

How to use the three-dot menu after the event is approved


Update all in EE card

Tip: Only update applicable participant profiles after the approved recommendations have been communicated to participants, either verbally or both verbally and via generated eSign documents.

Click Update all in EE card to update applicable participant profiles to include the approved recommendations from the event. Applicable participants refer to those for whom recommendations have been made and approved.

Note: Once employee profiles have been updated to include approved recommendations from the event, it’s not possible for any worksheet in the event to be unlocked for more editing. See how to use the Unlock a worksheet button in "An additional action to take from the worksheet" below. 

Request signature

Click Request signature to allow a document to be generated for applicable participants from a preconfigured eSign template. To learn more, see Request compensation eSign letters.

End event

Click End event to end the event once recommendations have been approved. You can only end an event after having communicated the decisions to the employee profile through the comp event.

An additional action to take from the worksheet

Within a worksheet, you will have the Unlock a worksheet button available to you. Click Unlock a worksheet to unlock a selected worksheet for editing.


Note: The event has been approved, and the status of each worksheet is Approved.  This option is only available if the Admin has not used the Update all in EE card.

What you can and can’t do post-launch

Note: Post-launch refers to the Admin having already invited at least one Planner to the event. 

For a list of actions, their availability post launch, and helpful additional information, take a look at the summary in the table below. 

Post-launch actions


Action Availability Comment
Go “back to setup” ✖️  
Add/remove Planner(s) ✖️  
Add/remove participant(s) ✖️  
Add/remove Co-planner(s) ✔️ You cannot add a Co-planner to a worksheet where s/he is a participant.
Edit FX rate / Benchmark ✖️  
Reflect hierarchy and comp changes ✖️ Before launch: Go back to setup and re-select Planners.


Post-launch: Comp changes can be seen in the “Details” of each employee.

Edit alerts/notifications ✖️  
Refresh performance rating ✔️ If the performance cycle was not complete before the comp event was launched.
Imports (recommendation, budget, notes) ✔️  
Edit (direct) budget ✔️ The org budget is updated accordingly.
Edit eligibility for participants ✔️ These are not eligibility rules, but changing specific employees from non-eligible to eligible (and vice versa).
Move participants ✔️ Participants move without their respective budget. You cannot move a participant who is a Planner or Reviewer.
Change editing permissions ✔️  
Set worksheet columns as default ✖️