Identify colleagues with Caller ID for iOS

 See who’s calling from work by enabling Bob’s Caller ID.


It may be surprising to learn that one of the most popular ways to communicate with colleagues is the most traditional, via phone calls. The only drawback of a mobile number is that it often shows up as a set of digits, without a name, which makes it difficult to identify your colleague.

Not anymore. Enable mobile Caller ID on Bob to ensure that every employee who makes a call from the Bob app will show up by name. The call will be displayed as a number alongside a full name, so that you can quickly identify, answer, and call back colleagues who are trying to reach you.

How to enable mobile Caller ID for iOS

Follow these steps, in the Bob app, to receive calls showing your colleagues name and number:

  1. Click the people tab. A prompt will appear offering Caller ID with Bob
  2. Click the Yes, please button.
  3. Allow permissions for Bob to identify phone calls from contacts in your company; Click Open Settings > toggle on Bob.

    Note: If you are not prompted to add Caller ID with Bob, you can manually add these permissions:
    Open iPhone Settings > Phone > Call Blocking & Identification > toggle on Bob.

  4. Receive a call! Now, when you answer a call from a colleague, your colleague’s name will automatically appear alongside their number.



One of my colleagues just called, but I can't see their name, I can only see their phone number, why?
If you’ve successfully enabled Caller ID but a name does not show up when you receive a call, it can be due to multiple reasons:

  1. The person calling did not enter their number correctly. In order for Caller ID to be enabled, each employee must add their phone number, including country code and area code, to their profile on Bob e.g., +35-123-555-5555. See, How do I change details in my employee profile?
    If the country code and area code are left out, the mobile Caller ID will not display a name. This is true even if all your colleagues are located in the same site, with the same country code and area code.
  2. The person is calling from a different device than the number they entered in Bob. For example, your colleague entered their mobile number to Bob, but they are calling from a second phone or a landline.
  3. Your company admin did not enable permissions to view mobile numbers on employee profiles in Bob.

Is there mobile Caller ID for android?
Currently this feature is only available for iOS but it is being developed for android. Keep an eye out for updates.

If I enable mobile Caller ID, will my phone number or contacts be public, or will my data remain private?
The Bob mobile Caller ID feature allows other people’s names (your colleagues’ names) to show up on your phone and does not affect your data. The ability to see a colleague’s name on a call from the Bob app is based on permissions from Bob (the permissions enabled by your admin) and stays in Bob: No personal data is shared or stored in any way, on any other app or platform.

That’s it, now you are able to identify calls from colleagues with Caller ID for iOS on mobile.