Due to events' periodical nature, it is inevitable that "out-of-the-blue" hires can be anticipated throughout the year as a result of miscalculations or unexpected events. The ad-hoc request allows for control of this occurrence. Empower your managers to request positions without having to rely on HR. By enabling managers to do this independently, eliminate process bottlenecks, and alleviate HR admin. 

How to set up an ad-hoc request flow 

  1. Go to Settings > Positions
  2. In the Position request flow tab, select + Add new
  3. Under Name, provide the request flow with the process's name.

    Tip: Give the process a name that makes it as clear as possible, e.g., "R&D team lead request."

  4. In Approvers, from the dropdown list choose your approver(s). 
  5. In Notifications, from the dropdown list, choose who will receive a notification once the request  has been approved. For example, include the recruiter of the position or the PA of every business unit to be notified. 
  6. Click Save