Congratulations on your new site! Now, let’s get it set up on the platform. In this article, we summarize the typical settings used by Norwegian-operated companies but be sure to read Add a site and choose your company’s relevant options in terms of standards and way of work.

How to configure Norwegian site settings

  1. From the left menu, select Settings > Sites.
  2. Click + Add New.

Step 1: Details

  1. Under Details, enter the site Name and Address details.
  2. Click Upload image (optional), then Next.This image will be used to identify the site.

Step 2: Formatting

This step will define the formatting for all the site’s users. 

Note: While the most common formatting choices for Norwegian-operated companies are listed below, be sure to customize these according to your company’s standards and way of work. 

  1. From the Language dropdown menu, select Norwegian Bokmål (Norge) or the language that you’d like to apply to the site. 
  2. From the Currency dropdown menu, select NOK (kr) or the currency that you’d like to apply to the site’s operations.
  3. From the Time zone dropdown menu, select (GMT+1) Central European Time (Europe/Oslo).
  4. From the Time format dropdown menu, select 24 hours or the format that you wish to apply to this site.
  5. From the Date format dropdown menu, select DD-MM-YYYY, or the date format that you wish to apply to the site. 
  6. From the First day of the week dropdown menu, select Monday, or the relevant day for your company’s operations to start the week on your new site. 
  7. Click Next.

Step 3: Calendar

Site event calendars help managers and employees manage their time by letting them know the dates of upcoming public holidays and company events in the country or region.

Note: Ensure that the site's calendar template is added to your Calendars list in Bob before getting started.

How to add the relevant calendars for Norway 

  1. From the left menu, select Settings > Calendars.
  2. Click Add calendar.The Add calendar popup opens.
  3. Enter a Calendar name.
  4. Enter a Description.
  5. Pick the Norway holiday calendar or the other relevant calendar Template. Select the Language in which the calendar will be displayed.Note: The calendar will appear in this language irrespective of who is viewing it.
  6. A preview of the calendar will be displayed in the popup.
  7. Click Add calendar.
  8. You will be taken to the Edit calendar details view where you can make any changes to the calendar.
  9. Once a calendar has been added it will appear at the top of the Calendars list and will be available for selection in the Site settings.A table will then auto-generate a list showing you every Holiday name and Date.

To learn more, see Create and manage event calendars, View the company event calendar and Set up a calendar event task.

Step 4: Workweek

Define the days in a standard workweek for people working at this site.

Note: While the following settings are recommended for Norway, be sure to review your company policies and select the most relevant ones for your operations. 

  1. In Working day pattern, select Based on days worked or Hours worked as based on your company policy. This can be a 37.5 Hour week, 5 days or 7.5-hour days.
  2. From the Working day pattern dropdown menu, checkmark the Week Days, e.g., mark Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday
  3. From the Hours per day dropdown menu, select 7.5 hours per day (based on a 37.5-hour week) or your company’s standard. 
  4. Click Next.

Step 5: Summary

Review all the details of your site and click Save.