View and analyze survey results (beta)

Managers can take the guesswork out of analyzing company survey data for their team with actionable analyses from visual result distributions and heatmaps, and qualitative text analysis for open responses.

FYI: This feature is only available to specific customers at this time.

Get the most out of Bob

  • Focus on critical results without manual analysis.
  • Reduce confusion and data overload with color-coded analyses so you can make data-driven decisions with your team.

Before you begin

  • For managers, we recommend filtering results on a team level using tenure, job level, and site employee fields to examine responses between team members depending on the length of time at the company, seniority, and location.
  • Make sure you balance the need for specific information to achieve your analysis goals with the need to protect the anonymity of the survey participants when selecting and grouping fields.

How to view survey results


  1. From the left menu, select Talent > Surveys > Company surveys.
  2. Click the survey you’d like to view.
    You’re directed to the survey results.
  3. In the Summary section, view a snapshot of the results broken down into overall score, the three highest and lowest scoring questions, and participation rate.
  4. In the Responses section, view responses by category or question.
  5. In the Heatmap section, view gaps in responses between groups of people in your company with color mapping.

How to view result responses


View results by categories or questions, sort and filter questions, and view average scores with a response distribution bar to represent survey answers in the Responses section visually.

Tip: Apply a filter to specify your results view. This filter will apply to each section of the Results and is only available if the survey owner shares fields with managers.

  1. Select the Responses section.
  2. From the View dropdown menu, select Categories to view the number of questions, respondents, comments, and response distribution per question category.
  3. From the View dropdown menu, select Questions to view the category, number of respondents, and the response distribution for each question.
  4. Click a category or question to get a deeper view of the:
    • Category or question score for scale questions.
    • Response distribution.
    • Response breakdown with a table including average scores and percentages of negative, moderate, and positive responses. From the View dropdown menu, select the employee field by which you’d like to view the response breakdown.

      Note: This is only available to managers if the survey owner shares fields with managers.

    • Comments for detailed responses if enabled. From the Score distribution dropdown menu, select which type of comments to view by Negative, Moderate, or Positive responses, then click Apply.
  5. For open questions, click the question to view the:
    • Top trending topics by percentage after the survey has ended and there are at least 20 responses.
    • Answers with associated topics with each response. From the Topic dropdown menu, select topics from the survey to filter responses, then click Apply. To learn more about open-question analysis, see Analyze free-text survey responses.

      Tip: Use the Top trending topics and Topics dropdown menu to identify trends in team responses quickly.

How to view the heatmap


View your scale question data together in one place with color-represented results averages in a table to see the most significant gaps between certain populations.

Note: This is only available to managers if the survey owner shares fields with managers.

  1. Select the Heatmap section.
  2. From the View dropdown menu, select the employee field you’d like to view the response breakdown by, such as Department.
  3. Select a category on the left to expand and view scale questions within the category.
  4. Click the download icon to export the colored heatmap table.

    Note: If the number of participants is small, basing company decisions on the heatmap color is not advised; however, the heatmap data could be significant on a team level, even for a small team.


Why can’t I view the heatmap?
More data may be needed to meet the anonymity threshold, so you cannot view the heatmap to protect participants' anonymity. If the threshold has been met, but you still do not have viewing access, please check with the survey owner to make sure you have viewing access to specific employee fields in the survey.