Learn how to take action on pending People approval requests, while on the go.


Oh no, you’re at the end of a process and you suddenly encounter the dreaded bottleneck; an entire flow is being held back by one approver, and everyone is waiting for the “okay” in order to move the flow forward. Not anymore; With Approval flows on the mobile app, individuals assigned as approvers can quickly review, approve, or reject requests, directly from their phone.

How to approve or reject flow requests

  1. From the homepage, select the Smiley face located on the bottom navigation bar.
  2. Click People approvals.

    Note: People approvals only includes requests for changes executed via flows, not requests for Time off, compensation, talent or any other change that is not part of a flow.

  3. Click Review and act on any change request to open that specific request.

    Note: You will see requests that are assigned to you at the stage where your action is required; This means that previous approvers and those that are next in line will only have the option to approve/reject pending requests, when it is their turn to take action.

  4. Click Approve if you’d like to approve the pending request. You will receive a confirmation that the change was successful. 
  5. Click Reject if you’d like to reject the pending request. You will be prompted to type an explanation for rejecting the request. Once complete, confirm by clicking Reject. You will receive a confirmation that the rejection was successful.

    Note: There is no option to override an approval or rejection (on-behalf of the assigned approver) on mobile; To do so, see How to approve or reject a flow request on desktop.

Example of a flow request being approved 
Cameron is the VP of R&D and has recently completed his second year at the company. He requests a promotion from Brooklyn, his direct manager, via a Promotions flow. Brooklyn receives a notification of this change request while waiting at the dentist’s office. She is happy to approve and does so on the spot:
  1. From the app homepage, Brooklyn selects the Smiley face > People approvals.
  2. She clicks Review and act on the pending “Promotions” request.
  3. If there are any other approvers next in line, they will only have the ability to approve or reject the request once it is their turn to take action. Click the images next to pending to see all approvers assigned to the flow.
  4. Brooklyn clicks approve, and receives confirmation that the change is successful.

  5. Brooklyn can review the status of the “Promotion” flow request at any time by clicking on the specific request from People's approvals.

Congratulations, now you can easily approve or reject flow requests, on the go! And the best part is that everyone assigned to the flow will automatically be notified of all changes.