A Flow, short for workflow, is an automated sequence of steps that allows you to streamline a process; they ensure that every step on your “to-do” list gets completed and that everyone involved in the process is notified and aligned. To learn more about Flows, see Getting started with Flows.

Get the most out of Bob

  • If you have created custom fields that are specifically relevant to your Australian site, it’s recommended that you organize them in local New Hire and Onboarding flows that will apply to this and any additional Australian sites. To learn more, see Set up employee fields in Australia.
  • Use New Hire flows to set which details HRBPs or Admins will be required to complete when creating New Hires as well as which documents the New Hire will be required to sign, read or approve, e.g., Fair Work Information Statement.

Before you begin

  • Learn about the basics of creating a New Hire flow. To learn more, see Set up a New Hire flow.
  • Create your New hire flow only once you have created the Onboarding Flow. This is because you will need to select it as part of this flow’s configuration.

How to create a New Hire Flow for Australia

  1. Click Settings > Flows.
  2. Ensure that you are in the New Hire tab. 
  3. Click + Add new.

Step 1: Template Details

  1. Under Title, enter your title, e.g., “New Hire - Australia 🇦🇺.”
  2. Enter a Description (optional).
  3. Click Next.

Step 2: Categories & Fields

Select which fields will be a part of the New Hire process. For Australian sites, the following are believed to be most relevant. This list includes the suggested custom fields as per Employee Fields.

  1. From the Basic Info dropdown menu, select Email, First name, Last name, Middle name, and Display name
  2. From the Personal dropdown menu, select Title, Birth date, and Nationality
  3. From the Personal Contact Details dropdown menu, select Personal email and Personal mobile
  4. From the Work dropdown menu, select Start date, Contract end date, Job title, Department, Site, People Partner, Buddy, IT Admin, Reports to, and Reason
  5. Select the Employment category.
  6. From the Payroll dropdown menu, select Entitlement, Actual payments, Deduction, Salary, and Variable pay
  7. From the Work eligibility / Right to work dropdown menu, select Work eligibility / Right to work type, Work eligibility / Right to work number, Work eligibility / Right to work expiry date, Work eligibility / Right to work issued by, Work eligibility / Right to work valid from, and Work eligibility / Right to work application date
  8. From the Lifecycle dropdown menu, select Probation end date
  9. Click Next

Step 3: Features

  1. Enable Docs, Tasks, Time off, and Benefits as needed.
  2. Click Next

Step 4: Invite

  1. From the Onboarding template dropdown menu, decide if you want to Invite the new hire to a specific Onboarding Flow template (e,g., Onboarding Australia) as part of this specific New Hire Flow template. 
  2. Click Done.