Complete the onboarding flow in Sweden

A Flow, short for workflow, is an automated sequence of steps that allows you to streamline a process; they ensure that every step on your “to do” list gets completed and that everyone involved in the process is notified and aligned. To learn more about Flows, see Getting started with Flows.

If you have created custom fields that are specifically relevant to your Swedish site, it’s recommended that you organize them in local New Hire and Onboarding flows that will apply to this and any additional Swedish sites.

How to create an Onboarding Flow for Sweden

Tip: Learn the basics of creating an Onboarding flow with Set up an Employee Onboarding Flow

Note: This flow will ask your new hire to fill in some personal details, submitting documents, when they get an email invitation to join Bob. 

  1. Click Settings > Flows.
  2. Click the Employee Onboarding tab. 
  3. Click + Add new.

Step 1: Template details

  1. Under Name, enter, for example, “Onboarding - Sweden 🇸🇪.”  
  2. Under Description (optional). 
  3. Click Next

Step 2: Welcome message

Note: This is the first screen your new employees will see after they start the onboarding process. Here you can say hello, tell them a bit about your company, and prepare them for their next adventure. You can also upload a photo or share a video.

  1. Under Message, enter your welcome message. 
  2. Under Media, if relevant, Upload an image or add a link to a video focusing on the culture or welcoming your new hire to the company.

Step 3: Employee details

Select which fields will be a part of the onboarding process. For Swedish sites the following are believed to be most relevant. This list includes the suggested custom fields as per Employee Fields:

  1. From the Basic Info dropdown menu, select First name, Last name, and Middle name.
  2. Under the  Personal dropdown menu, mark Pronouns, and Birth date.
  3. Under the Personal contact details dropdown menu, mark Personal email and Personal mobile
  4. Under the Identification dropdown menu, mark Personnummer.
  5. Mark Address, if relevant. 
  6. Under the Home dropdown menu, mark Children (birth dates)
  7. Under the About dropdown menu, mark About, Social - LinkedIn, Hobbies, Superpowers, and Food preferences
  8. Under the Financial dropdown menu, mark Kontohavare, Kontonummer, IBAN, SWIFT code, Sort code
  9. Under the Payroll dropdown menu, mark A-skattsedel.
  10. Under the Right to Work / Work eligibility dropdown menu, mark Right to Work / Work eligibility type, Right to Work / Work eligibility number, Right to Work / Work eligibility expiry date, Right to Work / Work eligibility issued by, Right to Work / Work eligibility valid from, and Right to Work / Work eligibility application date
  11.  Under the Emergency dropdown menu, mark Emergency contact's first name, Emergency contact's last name, Emergency contact's relation, Emergency contact's mobile phone number, Emergency contact's email, Emergency contact's city of residence, Emergency contact's country of residence and Declaration of consent

Step 4: Introductions

  1. Under Introduce teammates, select Show employees from the same Department, Show teammates who share the same manager, or Don’t show this section
  2. Under Introduce key people, choose employees your new team member should know about, e.g., their Manager or HRBP.
  3. Click Next

Step 5: Welcome email

  1. In Pre-boarding email, enter the Subject and Compose email

    Note: This is the first email your new employee will get and it will be sent before their start date. Here, you can invite them to the onboarding process. On their first day, they'll get access to the platform.

  2. Under Subject, enter your subject. 
  3. Under Compose email, enter your email.

Step 6: Docs

  1. You can Enable Onboarding Requirement by marking Make the Docs steps Mandatory.This is optional depending on your company needs. You may want to ask new hires to upload any required identification documentation or qualifications.
  2. If you want to ask your new hires to upload documents as part of the onboarding process, enable Request the new jointer to upload documents
  3. In Company docs, mark  Enable company docs on this template to show your new employees the company docs folders they have access to.
  4. Click Done.