Learn how to view, check-in and update your progress in My goals.


Did you just get notified that your ad went viral? Or that your social media campaign brought in 100 new leads? Way to go! One of the most gratifying feelings for an employee is to set a workplace goal and achieve it. In fact, completing workplace goals, or even making progress towards hitting benchmarks or KPIs, is associated with increased employee motivation, self confidence and happiness. So why wait until you’re in front of a computer to document your success? You can do it all on the go, from the convenience of your phone.

Note: You can’t create new goals on the mobile app, but you can view and update existing goals. For a detailed explanation on how to set up and manage My goals see Getting started with Goals.

How to use My Goals

My Goals is the dedicated area to view the status of your goals, check-in, update, and even add comments, whether you’re on track (yay!) or off track (don’t worry, you’ll get there).

    1. From the homepage, select the smiley face on the bottom navigation bar.
    2. From the menu, select My goals. You will be presented with a summary that includes the number of your total goals, the average (in percentage) of the total progress of your goals, and a bar breaking down the status of the goals.
    3. Select filters, located at the top of the page, to view goals by Time period, Status, Type, Visibility or Tags.

      Note: The default view is not filtered.

      • For each filter category a drop down will appear with specific options. Check the box/es next to the options that you’d like to include in your results. You can select as many filter options as you’d like.
      • Click Apply.
      • To remove the filters, click on the filter category, uncheck the boxes next to the options you’d like to remove, and then click Apply.
    4. Select any goal to review or edit it. You will be presented with a detailed summary of the goal, including an activity log.
    5. Click Check in to update your goal.
    6. Edit the progress of your goal to either On track or Off track by clicking Select; If one of these options has already been assigned and you’d like to change it, then click On/Off track and choose the updated option.
    7. Click progress to update the status of your key results; Manually enter the number of targets hit using the keypad.
    8. Click Comment to type updates, notes or any information that you’d like to add to the goal. Your comments will be reflected in the activity log.
      Example of a Goal being updated

      Maya is the social media manager at her company and she is on a mission: increase the company’s Instagram presence by the end of the quarter. She set up the goal on the desktop site, with specific key results for her goal: set up 2 social media campaigns. The first campaign was implemented, and just this moment, Maya implemented her second Instagram campaign; Way to go! Now it’s time to update her goal status, on the phone:

      1. Enter the My goals page from your app, and click the goal that you’d like to update. The goal “Increase Instagram presence” has been selected. It currently stands at 50% complete.
      2. On the Goal page, click Check in; this will allow you to edit your goal. 
      3. Click Progress to update your key results; use the keypad to enter the number of targets reached. In this example, two targets were reached e.g., both social media campaigns have been implemented. This is 2/2 which means the goal status now stands at 100%.
      4. Click Comments to add any information you like, e.g., “Finished,” (don’t forget to include emojis :). Click Save to update. Under Status choose Completed, then click Done.
      5. The My Goals page will reflect your changes, e.g. “100%” complete. Hurray! 
    9. Click Save to save your updates, or X to edit the page without saving.
    10. Click Close Goal.
    11. Before you exit the goal, you may change your status. Click Select under Status (or click the current status) and choose Completed, Incomplete or Other; Then click Done and Save to update your changes.

      Note: When a goal is open, you have the option to choose between On Track/ Off Track Status. When a goal is closed, you have the option to choose between complete/ incomplete/ Done Status.

    12. Click the back arrow to go back to the main Goals page or Reopen to continue making changes to the specific goal.
    13. The goals page will reflect your changes. You can scroll through the activity log to view the entire history of the individual goal, from its creation to the present moment, including the names of those who performed each action. If you’d like to add a general comment to the goal, click Write a comment and then click the send arrow. 
    14. To exit the goal, click the X on the top left.
    15. Click the back arrow to go back to the main page with the list of all goals.

Congratulations, you know how to view, check-in and update your progress in My goals, on your phone!