Oh, Fall. For a lot of us, Fall means cooler weather, changing leaves, and swapping out our WFH gym shorts for our WFH sweatpants. For all of us, it means lots of new and exciting updates in bob. So, grab your pumpkin spice latte and gear up for a jam-packed quarterly product roundup.

Fall in love with Q3


If you’ve logged into bob recently then you likely noticed that we optimized the homepage. It now displays your social feed (like Shoutouts and Kudos) on one side, while presenting important information like people’s statuses and essential company links on the other. With the new homepage you can:

  • Pin Shoutouts to the top of the homepage, ensuring your most important content (new hybrid working guidelines, anyone?) don’t get missed.

  • Go straight to where you need to take action on pending tasks (for example, “submit a timesheet” takes you straight to Attendance and “Complete performance review” takes you directly to the performance review page).

  • Use the quick links to access to most frequently used pages.

  • Utilize the “People’s status” widget to save time searching for who is working from where. You can even filter by site or group.


In our continued efforts to support global organizations and employees, we’ve added Danish and Norwegian to bob. Learn how to configure bob to display these languages, or any of the other languages we support, here. We have more languages on the way!

Plus, if you’re setting up your site(s) in the Nordic region, bob has your time-off policies needs covered. Go ahead and:

  • Use the ability to accrue specific amounts of vacation per month.

  • Carryover a specific amount of vacation days to an exact number of years as per the country’s regulation.

  • Require documentation to be uploaded if booking more than a specific number of sick days.

  • Manage Feriefri in Denmark and the well-known Saturday rule in Finland.

  • Report on unused holiday time for either transfer or payouts.

  • Support employees that need to participate in a rehab plan.


We also updated our mobile app (iOS for now and Android on its way) to match the new face of bob. With functionality top of mind, we’ve included a new “You” tab on the right, which features tasks that you need to complete, plus the ability to upload, read, search for, and sign documents on the go.


We also launched Your Voice, our anonymous reporting tool that helps you foster and scale an inclusive culture built on trust. With Your Voice, your people have a safe space to easily and anonymously report misconduct or voice their thoughts, questions, and concerns, while your org’s representatives have a centralized place to manage cases.


Our newest developments to our KPI Dashboards let you do more with your data. We released bob’s People Analytics Insights, as well as the ability to create custom KPI dashboards! With custom dashboards, the possibilities are endless. Want to make a dashboard with all the data your CFO regularly asks for? Prepare for a monthly board meeting? Empower your department directors to build dashboards specifically for their needs? Go forth and create.


We’ve added tons of amazing features to Time and Attendance this quarter. Drumroll please...

  • We moved the “Requests” tab to “My Time Off” so it’s easier for anyone to review and manage time off requests.

  • See how your changes will affect the policy, balance, or request before finalizing the change to ensure things work the way you intend before applying them using bob's handy notifications.

  • Requested to work from the office for a full week but plans changed? Got sick in the middle of a work trip? If enabled, people can now make a new request that will override their original one and bob will automatically adjust the original request so that their balance stays up to date.

  • Need to add or remove an employee's timesheet from a past cycle to retroactively clock time? Now you can, even if the cycle is locked or about to be.

  • The Bradford Factor is now built-in as a quick filter in bob’s Days Taken report to help you make sense of your absenteeism data.

  • Keep compliant with GDPR by adding a custom display name when creating a time off policy that will be visible in your peoples’ statuses in bob.


Save time and manual work by directly changing the date format and the column title within any report in bob. This enables you to transfer the data of any scheduled reports to a third-party system via an SFTP or S3 server with the adjusted column title and date format.


As we continuously work to improve bob for you, we redesigned Tasks, Company Goals, and Attendance. They’re not just more beautiful, they’re also more intuitive and faster. Go ahead and check them out if you haven't already.

This month we also released the following features:

  • Compensation management got even better with a new manage page, which allows admins and department managers to easily monitor the overall progress of the event using completion metrics, locate worksheets via quick filters, and more.

  • Check out more new reports in bob: Employee fields report and Point in time balance report.

  • Now, whenever a new hire goes through an onboarding flow they’ll be able to choose which language the interface appears right from the welcome screen.

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