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Admins and Managers.


People’s attendance in bob empowers Admins and Managers to view current and past attendance clocked in timesheets. The report-like view includes robust filters and sorting capabilities, summarized cycle and individual employee attendance statistics, and highlighted status indications for each timesheet. From this interface, it is easy to review and act upon a bulk of the timesheets before the attendance cycle finalizes, with operations such as bulk-approve, nudge employees to submit their timesheets, or help them correct their entries by reopening an approved timesheet.

Navigating to a specific cycle

The main grid view consists of all the timesheets assigned to the selected attendance cycle. The list of available cycles to review is pre-filtered according to the selected site.

To navigate to the desired cycle, simply follow these steps:

  1. Go to People’s attendance

  2. Click on the Site dropdown to select a site

  3. Select a cycle from the Cycle dropdown

A given cycle can be in one of three states at a given moment:

Current or active attendance cycle which is still open for timesheet submission and review.

Finalizing cycles that are in their cut-off period (days), at minimum the last day of the cycle. In this state, a variety of actions are available to ensure all timesheets are submitted before the cycle is locked.

Locked or finalized (past) cycle in which the timesheets cannot be changed. Locked cycles include timesheets already passed on to the payroll team and therefore need to remain unchanged.


  • To help you quickly navigate to finalizing cycles which may require your attention, click the dedicated View dropdown at the top of the page.

  • The filters above the grid can help with scoping the timesheets to be reviewed, based on their status and alerts, or by using the wide variety of fields available via the advanced filter.

  • An indication that there are issues in a timesheet is presented as an alert in the first column of the list.

Enriching the information available for each timesheet

Using the column picker about the grid, you can add additional vital information about each timesheet, such as a count of sick days or overtime hours.

  1. Go to People’s attendance

  2. Click on the Column Picker

  3. Optional but useful: search for “attendance” to locate related fields

  4. Check the boxes next to the columns you wish to add to the grid

  5. Click on Apply

Take actions to finalize the cycle

To manage timesheets, actions can be conveniently taken from several locations, and on one or more timesheets at once.

Action which can be taken on finalizing cycles, to ensure all timesheets are properly reported, submitted, and approved, include:

  1. Go to People’s attendance

  2. Select a Site and then a Finalizing cycle from the dropdowns

  3. Hover over a timesheet to reveal the actions available based on the status of this timesheet, including:

    1. Nudge employee for timesheets “Pending submission” or “Declined”, which will send a reminder to the employee to submit the timesheet

    2. Approve or Decline timesheets “Pending approval”

    3. Reopen an “Approved” timesheets

    4. Submit on behalf a “Pending Submission” or “Declined” timesheet which does not include missing attendance or exceptions

To perform a bulk action on one or more timesheets, check the boxes next to the timesheets you want to apply the action to, and use the Actions dropdown to select an action from the available options.


  • Most of the actions explained above can be taken from within the timesheet, by clicking on it in the grid, which will open a full view of the same.

  • The actions available to a Manager depend on their user permissions, and the attendance section under the site settings. Watch a video to learn more about how to set up attendance and tracking time.

  • Taking bulk actions which include one or more timesheets which do not comply with the action being requested will result in a notification and options to proceed, as displayed in the following image:

Allow more time to submit timesheets

During special periods of time, such as holidays, you may want to allow your employees extra time to submit their timesheets. This is especially useful when the cycle closes during a company-wide volunteering day.

To extend the cycle, and allow for changes to be made to timesheets, click on the Extend cycle icon on the top right corner of the page.

You will be prompted to select a new future date, which will set the cycle back to the Finalizing state.

Add or remove employees from past cycles

Employees can be added or removed from past timesheets, which are Locked or Finalizing. This may occur when an employee was set up in the system after the cycle has closed, or moved between sites and a few days were not punched during the transition.

To add an employee to a cycle:

  1. Go to People’s attendance

  2. Select a Site and then a Finalizing or Locked cycle from the dropdowns

  3. Above the timesheets grid, click on the add employee icon ()

  4. Select the employees to add from the dropdown

  5. Click Add

To remove an employee from a cycle:

  1. Go to People’s attendance

  2. Select a Site and then a Finalizing or Locked cycle from the dropdowns

  3. Check the boxes next to the employees to be removed from the cycle

  4. Open the Actions dropdown above the grid\

  5. Click on Remove


  • An employee cannot be added to the same cycle twice, although they are available for selection from the list. An error will be presented to indicate that the employee is already present in the cycle.

Download timesheets summary to a spreadsheet

To download the grid view, click on the download icon at the top right of the page.

Please note that the filters set on the grid apply to the downloaded content. However, the boxes checked next to each timesheet do not affect the downloaded content.

Frequently asked questions

Question: Why can’t I see the timesheet for an employee who joined during the previous cycle?

Answer: It can happen that an employee is added to the attendance cycle via the site settings after they join. Also, an employee could transfer to another site, a move that was updated in bob only several days after the cycle of the destination site closed. Simply add the employee to the closed cycle and extend the cycle to allow the employee to submit their timesheet (or submit it on their behalf).

Question: How can an employee be added or removed from a Current (running) cycle?

Answer: An employee can be added to the current cycle via the site attendance settings, via adding the employee to the list of employees whose time is required to be recorded.

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