HR, but make it configurable


bob can now be used in both Norwegian and Danish as people’s personal display language, as well as in your site’s default language.


Your Voice, bob’s newest offering, allows you to create a safe space for your people where they can easily and anonymously voice their thoughts, questions, and concerns or report misconduct. Your Voice helps you foster and scale an inclusive culture built on trust while enabling your org’s representatives to manage cases effortlessly.


Tasks now have a fresh face and greater functionality. Go to “My tasks” to review your to-do’s and “People’s tasks” to review your direct and indirect reports’ tasks. For all of the HR leaders out there who are sending out automatic flows and task lists, the new “Manage tasks” area makes it easier to understand things like who needs to do what or who is involved in a calendar event, as well as apply bulk actions. And even better, everything’s in one place thanks to the side panel, which allows you to see the content of the selected task right from bob (yes, even emails).


Need to reformat reports to better sync data across systems? Now you can save time and manual work by changing the date format and the column title directly within any report in bob. Need to see what the original field is in bob? Just hover over the adjusted column’s title.

And yep, this means that any scheduled reports going to a third party system via an SFTP or S3 server will transfer with the new title, making data syncing easy as pie.


Easily pull future work, salary, and employment data using the employee field element in the eSign builder when you send promotion letters and salary updates by selecting the related “upcoming” field.


bob now enables you to stay compliant with GDPR by managing people’s status names. When editing or creating a time off policy, you can add a custom display name that will be visible in people’s status in bob. For example, if a person requests a sick day, but the custom name is “Out of office”, their colleagues will see them as “Out of office”. At the same time, your admin users and other people with permissions, like the person’s manager, will still be able to view and track the original time off request.


We’ve done another facelift to bob. Now “My attendance" (previously “My timesheet”) looks better than ever, so go ahead and enjoy!


Help your planners and reviewers make compensation recommendations by setting up comp-ratio guidelines along with any other list field in bob, which will appear as they work on their worksheets.


The days of pausing and resetting an event are gone. Edit a running event without interruption in the following ways:

  • Add or remove a person’s eligibility

  • Add or remove co-planners

  • Edit a planner’s budget


Ensure that people indicate that they've seen and read their performance review results with a click of a button. Easy to set up and use for all people in your org, managers and admins can quickly verify once a person has acknowledged their review. HR leaders can also download a report to see who has acknowledged their review in the performance cycle.


We gave “Company goals” some love and they now match the new look and feel of goals in bob. Plus, when a specific person owns the company goal, it will also appear in their own goals area. Additionally, any person’s shared goal that is aligned with a company goal will also be visible (with its progress) under the company’s goal.


All KPI Dashboards’ metrics now show the year-to-date (YTD) calculation. For headcount metrics you’ll see the number of people in your org as of today, taking into account any predefined filters you set (for example, filtering out contractors).


In case you’ve yet to try it, you can do more with bob by connecting to your other apps through Zapier. With a simple setup, you can use the following trigger functions from bob:

  • New employee created

  • Employee joined

  • Employee deactivate

  • Employee left

  • Employee deleted


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