My attendance in bob holds your attendance information, with an interface that makes it easy to clock in and out, see the total number of work hours recorded from the current or a past pay period, and make any adjustments as needed before submitting for approval.

How to clock in and out

Clocking in and out can each happen once per working day or multiple times.

  1. Go to My attendance,

    1. Click on the Clock in button at the top right section of your My attendance area to begin the timer

    2. Click on the Clock out button at the top right section of your My attendance area to


  • The clock out option is only available after you've clocked in

  • The total hours will display the total time for the current interval being recorded, i.e. if a person clocks out and clocks back in the same day, the total hours of the previous interval will be recorded in the timesheet, and the counter will reset to zero to begin recording the time for the new interval

How to submit a timesheet

At the end of each pay period, you’ll receive a nudge reminder to submit your timesheet. To submit a timesheet:

  1. Go to My attendance

  2. Complete any missing entries, if any. You may do so in one of two ways:

    1. Edit each individual entry by clicking on Complete entry

      1. Enter the start time in the Clock in field

      2. Enter the end time in the Clock out field

      3. Select a reason via the Reason dropdown

      4. Click Add note to open a text field to add any notes

      5. Click + Add entry to enter multiple entries for the same day, i.e. when working with gaps during a singular day, and repeat the steps above

      6. Click Save

    2. Click on the Quick fix button to choose one start and end time that will apply to all entries that need to be completed

      1. Click Apply

  3. Click Submit

Once you’ve submitted a timesheet, it’ll be sent to your manager for approval. If you're having any trouble, it may be best to reach to your manager or HR leader as initial steps for support.

Tip: If someone has two different time off records in one day, e.g. working from 9-11 in the morning and then the rest of the day as "sick", either:

  • Change the record to indicate a partial absence using relevant policy, e.g. in the example above, morning as working (or the hours), and the rest of the time or afternoon as sick, or

  • Remove the attendance entries altogether and record the full day as the relevant out of office policy, e.g. in the example above, a full sick day

How to review previous timesheets

The default view of My attendance displays the current pay period's hours. To review previous timesheets:

  1. Click on the pay period's date range below the clock in the area

  2. Scroll or search for the pay period you wish to review and select it

How to download a timesheet

To download a timesheet as a .xslx file, click on the download icon at the top right of the time record table.

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