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eSign functionality is now a part of bob, and we’re delighted to share it with you. Got a new hire you’d like to sign some agreements and policy documents? Need to send a document to people being promoted with their new job title or salary amount? Use eSign in bob. Just upload your PDF and set up eSignature templates. Then, when you’re done, trigger the eSign request and track them in bob’s document requests area. As you know, we’re all about boosting productivity, so you can include eSign templates in relevant flows.

Got it? Great! Now just initial and sign here ___ before moving onto the next part of this roundup. Just kidding, you can keep reading. But first, open the setup tutorial video below in a new tab for post-roundup viewing.


bob was created to enable you to engage your people and foster your culture. We strongly believe that visually celebrating your brand has a big impact. Enter Personalization in bob, where you can change bob’s interface to show off your brand colors and make your people feel right at home. If you haven’t done so already, grab your UI/graphic designer (or get creative on your own) and make bob yours.


Speaking of design, My Goals and People’s Goals also underwent a makeover. Use the new goals area to create, track, and manage your own and other people’s goals through the OKR goal-setting framework or any other framework your organization uses.

Plus, the goals side panel is now available in two areas of bob to make the most of your goals data:

  • In performance cycles, people can review their goal progress while conducting performance reviews

  • In compensation worksheets, planners, co-planners, and reviewers can review participants’ goal progress for a more holistic picture of their performance


bob’s performance mapping is here to provide you with the ability to understand more about your talent pool by using performance cycle data. Plot any (yes, any!) two scale questions, two categories, or a question and a category on the grid and assess your people’s performance. Get more tips on how to make the most out of performance mapping here.


If you’ve been following along with our monthly updates, then you already know that a whole lot of exciting changes happened to compensation management this quarter, too. Here are some of the highlights:

  • Review and allocate equity in any comp event

  • Side panel with goals, comments, and compensation change history

  • Planner guidelines defined by you to help them make the best comp decisions

  • Cash awards can be calculated using participants’ lifecycle statuses to determine a weighted average salary

Don’t have comp yet? Check it out and speak with our team. They’d love to show you all it can do.


Another addition to the custom flows family in bob is offboarding and leave workflows. It’s never easy to say goodbye, but we hope that reducing manual work through automation will help you rest easy knowing that no stone is left unturned before a person departs your company—temporarily or permanently.

This month we also released the following features:

  • My and People’s Time Off is redesigned! Check how to review the new time off area and how to use the different functions

  • Performance cycle owners can now invite upward reviewers to a performance review

  • When you select only one policy for a policy type for a new hire in the new hire flow, the policy will be assigned to the new joiner by default

  • Added functionality in employee fields settings: you can now move fields from one category to another

  • Docs bulk import made simpler when mapping data from your documents into bob

  • An employee’s tenure is now split into two fields. One is the calculation of a person's most recent start date (including any leaves), and the other is the accumulated sum of the entire time a person has been “active” in bob (i.e., not including periods where they were inactive)

  • You can now get greater visibility of your org’s use of our support team via the support consent report and support access log in the Reports area

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