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One of our goals for this quarter? Making goals in bob the best it can be for you. We hope you love it. The new design follows the OKR goal-setting framework, but of course, we made sure that you can create goals however suits your org.

Use the goals area to create, track, and manage your own and other people’s goals. The new design focuses on My Goals—an individual place for each person in your organization—and People’s Goals—a hub to see other people’s goals. People’s Goals is perfect for managers and leaders in your company, but you can open up the permissions even wider to work with your culture.

And, to top it all off, we added a goals side panel that can be used to review goal progress during performance cycles.

What’s our next goal? We are already working away on the new design for company and department goals! For now, check out the product tour below:

Map it out

Following a performance cycle, make more informed talent decisions by identifying strengths and weaknesses in your talent pool with bob’s new performance mapping. This is great for those who want to compare metrics like potential vs. performance, but don’t stop there. You can also compare any two scale questions, categories, or even a question and a category (insights galore!).

Offboarding just got easier

Whether an employee is leaving your organization temporarily or permanently, it’s important to ensure that the offboarding experience is smooth and nothing falls through the cracks. That’s where bob’s new leave and termination flows come in. Use the ones we created for you or customize them, then trigger whenever you need to.

To the app store!

bob’s mobile app now also allows you to:

  • View and edit your employee profile

  • See mentions and posts that a person’s tagged in from their profile

  • Check recent birthdays and work anniversaries (perfect to still be in the loop with people’s important events even if they occur during the weekend)

The filter is yours

We’ve opened up the “group by” options in KPIs so that you can now filter by any list field in bob. Want to group by ethnicity, laptop type, or lifecycle status? Go ahead, you can.

We can’t forget to @mention...

Planners, co-planners, and reviewers can now @mention people they're collaborating with in the compensation worksheet comments so that they'll instantly get a notification and be kept up to date in the comp discussion. And yes, we know that this is the third time we’re talking about the compensation side panel in a row. We just love making it better for you.

Small but mighty

We’ve also made the following changes across bob:

  • List items are now editable so you can easily rename any existing item as needed

  • When using employee reference fields like HRBP, Manager, etc., you can now choose whether to include any inactive employees, including any upcoming hires or returning employees

Keep in touch!

Look out for the next Product Updates here and in your inbox. And as always, if you have any requests for things you would like to see in bob, send us a message by email or in the chat icon below.

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