Flows in bob may be set up to either have no approvers at all or have one or more approvers who are needed to to complete the flow before the changes and settings come into effect. Changes and settings in the flow will be triggered immediately if there are no approvals, whereas flows with approvals will appear in the Approvals area in bob until they are fully approved.

Examples of flows with approvals:

  • A promotion flow may include the first approver as a person’s HRBP, direct manager, and the CFO

  • A parental leave flow that includes the person’s direct manager, benefits manager, and HRBP

Note: Access to these capabilities is managed by your company's HR admin. If you do not have access and believe you should, reach out to them.

How to set up permissions for people using flows

HR leaders can consider enabling the following permissions as relevant for the people in your organization to use flows with approvals:

  • An approver doesn’t need any special permissions to approve - they just need to be selected as an approver during the flow setup process

  • If any user has the "Override flow requests" permission enabled, they will be able to override and complete the flow, either approving or rejecting the flow

  • To trigger a flow, a person must have permissions to a) trigger the flow and b) view the employee fields and categories included in the flow. Note: there are different permissions for different types of flows

How to approve or reject a flow request

If you have been assigned as an approver of a flow you will be notified via email and bob in-app notification when a request has been submitted. You can also check it directly in bob’s Approvals screen where you will see all of your past and present approval requests.

Follow the steps below to approve or reject flow requests:

  1. Navigate to the specific flow you’re to approve in one of two ways:

    1. Press the button in the email notification received, or

    2. Press People in the main menu

      1. Select Approvals

  2. Press on the request bar of the flow you’re approving to open it

    1. Click either the Approve or Reject button. If rejecting, you can also enter details about the reason for rejecting a rejection

Great! If there are additional approvers in the flow, clicking approve will progress the request to the next approver. The requested change will apply once all approvals in a flow are completed.


  • If any approver rejects the change request, subsequent approvers will not be notified and the change will not be made. In this case, the change initiator will be notified that the request was denied and if the request needs to occur again, they’ll have to reinstate the employee’s status change.

  • If a task list and/or notifications have been included in the change flow they will trigger upon the final approval.

  • Admins may override other people in the approval flow

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