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You can now make sure bob comes to work dressed in your brand to show off and celebrate your culture more than ever. bob’s new personalization settings let you showcase your brand and make employees feel at home with a few just a few clicks.


Moving onto KPIs. You can now configure your KPI data so that you can focus on the data that matters most to your organization by using the new KPI dashboards viewing preferences. This functionality allows you to create a predefined view that CEOs and managers (and really, anyone who has permissions in your company) can use. No worries, though, people can still de- and re-activate this view if they want to play around with the data on their own.


Check out the new interface and settings for reports and scheduled reports, making it even easier to create, duplicate, edit, and schedule reports. Also new: you can now schedule reports on a biweekly basis (payroll audits, anyone?).


You can now further customize your surveys and preserve anonymity if numbers are low by entering a minimum number required to view responses to a question. This is an optional part of the survey setup, so if you skip it the default threshold of five responses will remain.

Additionally, if anyone who’s owned a survey or a performance cycle is terminated, you’ll be able to select a new owner straight from the termination flow.


See a reviewer in a performance cycle that needs to be removed? We’ve made it so that you can remove any type of reviewer from a performance cycle regardless of the cycle stage.


We’ve also got a lot of updates for you in compensation management. You can now:

  • Save setup time by duplicating an event that you’d previously set up. You can still go in and make any edits for your new event.

  • Incorporate employee update flows right from the setup wizard. Once planners and reviewers are invited, they will be able to propose changes such as promotions from within the worksheet.

  • Customize your approval emails to planners whose worksheets have been approved. This is perfect for informing your planners of action items and details that they should know of once their worksheet has been approved, like when the approved changes will happen and any next steps they should take.

  • Review all of the comments and changes made during a person’s compensation review via the side panel when working on the comp worksheets.

We’ve also made some changes to the compensation events screen to align the compensation statuses to the ones you know in performance cycles.


Need to keep your staffing plans intact by preventing sudden time off request changes? You can now restrict people from changing or cancelling already-approved future requests by simply activating or deactivating the relevant permissions.


bob’s time off carryover is now more extensive than before, allowing you to define carryover expiration for more than one year, regardless of whether you set it in years or months. You can also define the order of the carryover usage, whether carryover days or current allowance is used first, so that you can set your time off needs across the globe.


Okta users, you can now use the SCIM integration right from bob to import and update groups from bob into Okta.


Using the Time Off API? We’ve made it so that people can now submit requests in hours for any policy defined in hours as well as see the name of the request’s approver. You can learn more about it via our updated API doc here.

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