Compensation allocation is simplified with bob. Whether it's setting up a compensation event, reviewing people's different compensation types alongside valuable information like performance and benchmark guidelines, or collaborating between managers, bob provides the information you need each step of the way.

Follow along using the help articles wherever you are in the process and make it a success!

How to setup a compensation event

Use bob’s compensation management set up wizard to streamline your compensation review process across the entire approval flow. When you’re done, you’ll have easy-to-use worksheets that clearly present people’s current and historical salary, variable pay, performance, as well as benchmark data while guiding managers as you work together - even asynchronously.

  1. Setting up a compensation event's details

  2. Setting up a compensation event financials

  3. Including talent information in a compensation event

  4. Setting up a compensation event's components

  5. Including employee update flows in a compensation event

  6. Setting up a compensation event's planners and worksheets

  7. Allocating a compensation event's budget among planners

  8. Setting up a compensation event's worksheet alerts

  9. Setting up a compensation event's notifications

  10. Finishing the compensation event setup

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