Admins can configure a predefined set of fields to serve as the default display for non-admins who have the permissions to view the KPI dashboards. This allows admins to set up the dashboard view in a way that makes the most sense for their organization using condition-based filtering. For example, if you’d like the default view to not display contractor-related data, you can filter them out using Viewing Preferences.

In case non-admins want to filter the dashboards according to their own viewing preferences, they can do so using these steps.

How to set a default dashboard view for your organization

Add, edit, and delete conditions using fields and groups to predefine a default dashboard view for people in your organization.

How to add conditions:

  1. Press Settings in the main menu

  2. Click on KPI Dashboards

  3. Click on the Edit button to configure the viewing preferences

  4. Click + Add condition and select the desired values in each of the dropdowns from left to right

  5. Repeat to add more conditions
    Note: All conditions must be met for a person to be included in the group

  6. Click on the Apply button

  7. Click on the Save button

Tip: check how the predefined view looks for others by going to the KPI Dashboards and turning the toggle on and off, as well as when using the Group By filter of each KPI

How to edit a condition:

  1. Click on the dropdown field that you’d like to change

  2. Select the desired value from the list

How to delete a condition:

  1. Hover over the condition

  2. Click the trash icon that appears to the right of the condition

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