If you would like to close goals on behalf of one or more people, whether complete or not, you can do it via People's Goals. When closing a goal, you'll give it a final status and check in information.


  • Closing goals via bulk actions means that all goals listed under each selected person are marked with the selected closed status and check in note.

  • Access to this capability is managed by your company's HR admin. If you do not have access and believe you should, reach out to them.

How to close a goal via People's Goals

You may close one or more people's goal using the following steps:

  1. Press the Talent area in the main menu

  2. Click on People's Goals

  3. Scroll or search for the people you'd like to close

  4. Tick the boxes to the left of the people you'd like to close
    Tip: to select all people, click the box at the uppermost left of the table

  5. Click on the Actions button

  6. Select Close. A popup will appear.

  7. Click on the dropdown below Status to select the goals' final status:
    a. Complete: the goal is considered as completed at the time of closing
    b. Incomplete: the goal is considered as incomplete at the time of closing
    c. Other: a status other than complete or incomplete

  8. Provide more information regarding the update in the Check in note field. This will also be reflected in the goal's Activity log

  9. Press the Check in and close button


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