If you would like to prompt people to check in on their goals, use the Nudge function via People's Goals. The nudge reminders will be sent via email.

Note: Access to this capability is managed by your company's HR admin. If you do not have access and believe you should, reach out to them.

How to nudge people

To nudge a specific person or several people, follow these steps:

  1. Press the Talent area in the main menu

  2. Click on People's Goals

  3. Scroll or search for the people you'd like to nudge

  4. Tick the boxes to the left of the people you'd like to nudge
    Tip: to select all people, click the box at the uppermost left of the table

  5. Click on the Actions button

  6. Select Nudge

  7. Write a subject line in the Subject field. This will be the subject line of the email reminder you will set.

  8. Write a message in the Message text field

  9. Press Send


Note: there is no limit to how many nudges may be sent at a given time.

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