You can update your goals' statuses in bob as you work on them. You may check in on one or more key result to indicate your progress along the way. Whenever you update a goal's status, your direct manager will be alerted.

Note: Access to this capability is managed by your company's HR admin. If you do not have access and believe you should, reach out to them.

How to check in on a goal's progress

Checking in on a goal means that you are updating how you're advancing in the completion of the goal. A goal may be on or off track, and a key result may be updated as you progress along the way to achieve it. For instance, you may check in when you've completed 10% of a key result, when you've completed a key result, or when you've reached a part of your entire target amount.

  1. Press the Talent area in the main menu

  2. Click on My Goals

  3. Click on the three dot menu to the right of the goal you wish to update

  4. Select Check In. A popup will appear.

  5. Click on the top right-hand dropdown to update the goal's status:
    a. On Track: the goal's deliverables are on track
    b. Off Track: the goal's deliverables are off track
    Note: Goals will remain On Track by default unless updates are made

  6. Update your key result according to the key result type:
    a. Percentage, Numeric, or Currency key results: enter the amount achieved in the field
    b. Complete/Incomplete: select Incomplete or Complete from the dropdown

  7. Provide more information regarding the update in the Check in note field. This will also be reflected in the goal's Activity log

  8. Press the Check in button

Note: Goals without any key results will only be checked in as on or off track.


Tip: If you'd like to make a quick note about your goal progress without a full check in, you can add a comment by going to the goal's activity log and entering a comment in the text field at the top of the activity log

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