People who have permissions to create goals in bob can also import their and other people's goals data from an external source into bob easily.

Note: Access to this capability is managed by your company's HR admin. If you do not have access and believe you should, reach out to them.

How to import goals into bob

To import individually owned goals into bob, follow these steps:

  1. Press the Talent area in the main menu

  2. Click on Import Goals

  3. Press the Import button. A file upload popup will appear

  4. Press the Goals Data button at the bottom of the popup window to download the spreadsheet template

  5. Open the file

  6. Input your goals data into the downloaded template. The template will guide you on what fields to input to upload your company's goals into bob.

  7. Save the file to your computer

  8. Go back to the popup window in bob

  9. Upload the completed file in one of two ways:
    a. Drag and drop the file, or
    b. Press Or Upload to open another popup window
    i. Either drag and drop the file or click on document icon
    ii. Select the file from your computer
    iii. Press the Upload button

  10. Click on the dropdown below 1. Select identifier to use from an identifier as written in the field in bob. Choose from:
    a. Email: the employee's work email
    b. Employee ID: the employee's employee ID
    c. Full Name: the employee's full name

  11. Click on the dropdown below 2. Find it in your file to select the Excel file field to match to the selected identifier

  12. Click Next

  13. Match the field types from your files to goal fields using the table
    Note: if you're using the exact template from bob then it will recognize the fields automatically
    a. Click on the fields under the Match titles column
    b. Scroll or search for the bob goal field type you'd like to match to the file listed under the same row in Your file
    c. Click on the goal field type to select it. You may only select each goal field type once.
    Note: When the field titles match well, bob will show a checkmark icon on the right. If a title does not have a match, it will display as "Unmatched", and if there is an anomaly, bob will flag it with an error icon on the right instead

  14. Press the Import button

  15. Press the Are you sure? button

  16. Press the Done button

Note: bob will automatically flag any errors, anomalies, and values which might need to be manually sorted

Tip: Hover over the rows under the Your File column to recall what information they contain in the file you uploaded

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