Boost employee engagement and recognition by wishing your colleagues happy birthday right from bob!

How to post birthday wishes

Wishing your colleagues happy birthday is super easy in bob, just follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the Birthdays section of the homepage in bob via the desktop or mobile app

  2. Click on the Send wishes button

  3. Enter your message in the message text box

  4. Click or tap Submit

Woohoo! The birthday wish will be posted in the birthday person's Shoutouts section of bob's homepage.


  • The author of the birthday shoutout is always the person's direct manager

  • Birthday messages entered in the message text box will appear in the birthday shoutout's comments

  • Only the birthday person will be able to see the shoutout and comments

  • If the birthday wish is sent prior to the employee's birthday date, it will be posted on the day of their birthday at 9am according to their site

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