Customization so you can have it your way

Charts, and toggles, and configurations. Oh my!

KPI Dashboards are more robust than ever to give you a holistic view of your people. You can now choose how you want to represent your data for each KPI using new chart types and configurations, such as checking how you’re retaining employees in their first year.

Group it up

Create teams and segments in bob using Groups and apply them as filters and condition-based rules across the platform. Want to review a particular set of people in your directory? Trigger a task list to a specific group of people? Use Groups.

Tickled link

Speaking of task lists, whenever you use “Link in bob” when creating a general task, the people receiving it will get a link right to that part of bob to complete the task.

You get a calendar invite! And you get a calendar invite!

Even more exciting, you can now automate event scheduling using the calendar event task in task lists. Automatically send invites for important meetings and milestones like new hire training sessions, employee-manager check-ins, and special events.

Another year older, another year wiser

And what’s more special than a birthday? Wish your employees a happy birthday right from bob!

Get the full (merit) story

Actually, raises can be pretty special. When using compensation worksheets, you can now quickly get to know the employee’s full merit story using the new side panel. Here you’ll find all of the important details you need to consider when assessing someone’s compensation, such as their tenure, salary changes, and work changes over time in the company.

Secure the perimeter

Adjust view and edit settings right from the company folder’s sharing settings to decide who can do what in each folder by selecting specific people or using conditions.

Custom fields for documents and tables

Want to customize a field in bob so it functions as a document upload field? Wish granted! Custom fields can now be set up as document fields and tables. Access the document directly from the employee profile or the employee docs folder. You can also create your own table with a document and use it later in employee self-service flows to support requesting expenses, address change, and more.

Break it down

Information from site addresses can be automatically broken down into a site’s city, state, zip code, etc. to be used as columns in reports and filters across bob.

bob + SmartRecruiters = integration heaven

New integration with SmartRecruiters! The bob integration allows you to automatically take newly-hired candidates from SmartRecruiters and add them to bob. Check out how here.

Keep in touch!

Look out for the next Product Updates here and in your inbox. And as always, if you have any requests for things you would like to see in bob, send us a message by email or in the chat icon below.

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