What are Employee Docs Folders?

In order to manage, organize and maintain your employees' docs, you can create as many custom folders as you need to meet your business goal. Your peoples' docs can be set based on any criteria you choose - whether based on documentation type (such as contracts or payslips) or based on employee info (such as documents for the legal department employees).
You can choose for whom the docs folders will apply and for whom the docs folders will be visible or editable. We'll guide you through the processes and steps in order to ensure your employee docs settings are all set.

How to use Employee Docs Folders

Using pre-configured folders

We’ve provided two folders to get you started: Shared Docs and Confidential Docs. By default, these folders apply to all of your employees. You can always change this configuration as described in the following steps.

Creating a folder

Creating, editing and managing Docs Folders takes place in the Docs Folders library in Settings > Docs > Folders. Follow these steps to create a new Docs Folder:

  1. Go to the Settings > Docs > Folders

  2. Click + Add new

The first step of creating a new folder is to add some general information like a name and description for your folder and for whom the folder is applied to.

  1. Enter a Name and Description - these will also appear in "People's docs" for stakeholders or "My docs" for employees, based on their permissions.

  2. Select which employees the folder will apply to. You can choose between:
    i. All company - all current employees
    ii. Select by condition - to create a highly targeted list, you can add as many conditions as you like (e.g. site equals London, Employment type equals Contractors)

  3. Press Save

Permissions Setup

To assure that your stakeholders and employees can or cannot manage or view the docs folders you have just created, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to Settings > Roles & Permissions

  2. Click Manage Group on the permission group that includes the employees who you would like to provide permissions to view or manage the configured docs folder.

  3. Go to the Other Employees tab and click on Docs and look for the folder that you'd like your group members to view or manage.

  4. Verify the group has permission to view or manage the folder (and its content) and set a filter for who this group has these permissions over.

Note: if you set permissions to view or manage a specific folder in the "profile owners" permission group - the employees will be able to view or manage the docs in this folder under "My docs" (as long as this folder configuration applies to the logged-in employee); but if you set permissions to view or manage a specific folder in a custom permission group - the group members will be able to view or manage the docs in this folder under "People's docs" for the employees they have access to.

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