You can create your own review forms to fit your exact needs.

Navigate to Talent → Manage cycles → Forms to create new forms from scratch, edit existing templates or make a copy of existing templates and edit them.

Form editor

1. Set form name: click on the form settings button. Choose a name for your form and if you wish bob to automatically number your questions.

2. Add a category: Click on the + to add a new category.

Type the category name and choose if it should be private. Please note that this option should only be used for managers review forms. All questions under private categories will not be visible to employees when form is shared with them.

3. Add a question: Click on the + to add a new question.

Type the question and choose if it should be mandatory.

You can also add a question title or add a “more info” section.

Questions can be free text, select or scale.

Select questions

This question type will let the user select from a set of answers. Type in as many options you wish. You can define if the user can select more than one answer and allow them to add comments.

Scale questions

This question type allows the user to select an answer from a scale. You can choose from a predefined scale or create your own. You can also choose to allow comments.

To create your own scale click on the scale settings. Set the name and answers and choose if you wish to show smiles and rating numbers.

Table questions: Click on the + to add a new table question.

Type the question and choose if you want to title or add a “more info” section.

Choose the number of rows and if you need a column for labels.

Click on each column to begin the table edits.

For label columns, type in the labels:

For regular columns, choose the question type: Scale, Select or Free text:

To add additional columns click on the “+add column” button when you are editing a column:

4. Reorder questions: If you need to reorder a question within a category you can always use the navigation buttons when editing a question.

You should save each question you are adding and when you are done with the form editing you can click “Done”.

Please note that once a form is launched in a cycle it is no longer possible to edit that form, any edit made to the form will only be reflected the next time it is selected for a cycle.

Need more help? If you're unsure about anything please send us a message through the chat icon below.

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