bob‘s Performance review processes are managed through cycles. Each cycle will have its own timeline and characteristics. Admins will configure and launch the different cycles and then employees and managers can participate and manage the process.

How to Create Review Cycles

Start by going to Talent > Performance: Manage cycles and click “+ New Cycle”.

Give this new cycle a name for example: End of year performance process.

Select cycle participants

These are the people who will be reviewed in this cycle. You can choose to select all employees or include/exclude by condition or name.

For example: select all employees excluding a specific site and employees who joined after a specific date.

Select Review Type

bob allows you to gain a 360° view of your people by collecting reviews from every angle: self, manager, peers, upward feedback or any custom persona.

In addition to the manager review which is mandatory, choose any additional review types.

MANAGER: This is the employee’s direct manager as configured in the employee profile (reports to) and presented in the organizational chart. You will be able to change the reviewing manager for this specific cycle before or during the launch (see this article).

SELF: This is the option to have an employee self assessment.

PEER: When this option is selected peers can be invited to complete a review on the employee. You will be able to choose who can invite peers, sharing settings and if you would like to keep those peer reviews anonymous.

UPWARD: This is the option to have an upwards review on the employee (direct reports reviewing their manager).

Upward reviews are anonymous, for that reason we ask you to set a minimum amount of direct reports that will activate the reviews. For example, if you select the minimum is 3 - upward review will activate only for employees who manage more than 3 employees.

CUSTOM: This option will allow you to set any reviewer you want. It can be Matrix manager, team leaders, buddy’s or any other custom employee reference type fields. Select from a reference field in bob or manually.


Set the period in which the reviews should be completed. At the end of the period the cycle will close and reviews will close for edits. Admins will be able to extend and reopen closed cycles.

Goals in Reviews

This option enables viewing and editing goals right from the performance review via a side panel. This can be done:

  • Prior to the cycle start upon initial setup,

  • During the cycle when editing the settings, or

  • Upon reopening a cycle that has ended and adjusting the settings

To enable this option:

  1. Activate the Enable goals in review toggle

  2. Choose which goals will be relevant to view in the performance cycle using the date fields:

    1. Click on the field below Start date and select a date from the calendar to include the goals that were or are relevant during the selected start date

    2. Click on the field below End date and select a date from the calendar to include the goals that were or are relevant during the selected end date

When activated, those with permissions to conduct performance reviews will be able to access active goals data as well as edit and add new goals. When viewing performance reviews of cycles that have ended, the goals information will reflect the goals' status as they were at the time of the review.

Review Forms

For each review type you should select the relevant question form and define the review setting by checking the different options. In order to create your own form follow the steps in this article. In addition, you can adjust the introduction text for each review that will appear at the top of each review.

Employee Acknowledgment

Employee acknowledgments in performance cycles allow HR leaders to ensure that employees have received and read their performance review results, thus supporting the next steps in performance management. To add, check the "Require employee acknowledgment" checkbox.

The people in your org partaking in the performance cycle, whether direct reports or managers, will have access to this once they can access their performance review result(s).


You can set email reminders for each review type. The reminders will be sent only to the reviewers who have not yet submitted their reviews. You are able to set the amount of reminders and the reminder message. You can choose bob’s default template or create your own custom reminder.

Once the review is launched, you can go back to the cycle setting and edit the exact dates the reminders are sent. You can also add or remove reminders.


Last step is to set the invitation message for each reviewer. You can choose from whom it will be sent and adjust the email subject and message.

Finally, you can choose to finish setup or save as draft. The review will not be launched yet, you can always go back and edit the setup.

Follow the steps in this article to launch your review process.

Need more help? If you're unsure about anything please send us a message through the chat icon below.

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