HR needs to be able to measure people data effectively. You want to be able to assess and report on your HR programs be it employee experience, culture, growth, hiring, talent retention and more. Find out how to utilize bob's KPIs to drive your HR programs forward and impact your business.

What are bob's HR KPIs?

Located in bob's Analytics module, KPIs provide data on the changes your company and employees over time. The KPIs are split into 4 categories: Growth, Retention, Finance, and Absenteeism. Each category page displays all of the related KPIs in a dashboard view with a metrics summary at the top of the page showing status for the selected time range. You can choose what type of chart you would like to view each KPI with: stacked or side by side bar chart, area chart, or pie chart.

How to use bob's KPIs

Defining time periods and view

View KPI data for a particular month, quarter, or year displayed over any time period.

  1. Navigate to Analytics > KPIs
  2. Click the arrow next to the KPI category to select the KPI category you would like to view
  3. Press on the Date range field and mark the period for which you would like to view KPI data, in one of two ways: a. Preset range: Mark the Preset radio button and choose from the available preset time periods b. Custom month range: Mark the Month range radio button and enter a From and To month/year value using the calendar picker. Tip: To select a single month click on the chosen month twice.
  4. Click Apply
  5. In the View field select between monthly, quarterly and yearly data calculations.

Defining time periods and view

Slice and dice the data for each KPI and view it in the chart type of your choice. For each KPI:

  1. Select from wide variety of grouping options in the Grouped By dropdown
  2. Click the three dot menu followed by Filter to set up rule-based filtering criteria a. Select values from each dropdown b. Click + Add condition and repeat as many times as you'd like c. Press Apply
  3. Download the chart as a .png, .svg, .pdf or .jpeg file by clicking the three dot menu and hovering over Download followed by the desired file type
  4. Download the chart data as an .xls or .csv file by clicking the three dot menu and hovering over Download followed by the desired file type
  5. Click on View more details to view all of the included employee data, add and remove data columns using the column picker
  6. To export your employee data to an .xls or .csv file click the download symbol followed by the desired file type

Tips for optimizing your HR KPIs in bob

  • Make sure your employees' data is up-to-date
  • Verify your permissions include ‘view’ and ‘export’ KPI data in the Analytics permission configuration under the Company section.

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