If you have been assigned as an approver of employee self service requests you will be notified via email and bob in-app notification when a request has been submitted. Follow the below steps to approve or reject change requests.

How to approve or reject employee self service requests

  1. Press the button in the email notification received, or navigate to People > Approvals

You will see all of your past and present approval requests

  1. Press on the request bar to open it and press the Approve or Reject button, you can also enter details about the reason for rejecting a rejection
  2. If there are additional approvers in the flow, clicking approve will progress the request to the next approver

Note: If any approver rejects a change request, the subsequent approvers will not be notified of the request and the will not take effect. The employee who requested the change will be notified that the request was denied.

3. The requested the change will apply once all approvals in a flow are completed.

4. If a task list and/or notifications have been included in the change flow they will. trigger at this time.

Note: An employee that has "Edit" permissions for the changed categories will be able to edit the categories regardless of the approver's action.

Note: If any of the approvers in a changes flow has "View, approve or decline flow requests" permissions, they will be able to override approval or rejection and complete the entire approval flow.

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