Empower employees to update personal details independently with a built-in approval flow to maintain control over the data and preserve accuracy. Delegate and collaborate harmoniously; with our streamlined decision-making process, you'll be boosting productivity in no time.

What is Employee Self Service?

bob's Employee Self Service allows employees to make updates to their own personal information such as address, contact information, and banking details.

The change comes through as an approval request that requires approval before taking effect.

Employee Self Service is managed through Self Service Flows that define the changeable profile categories, approvers and audience. It is additionally possible to automate triggering of a Task List upon completion of a Self Service Flow.

Once your flow is up and running, you can track its progress in the convenient status view, so you always know where things stand.

How to set up Employee Self Service

Setting up a Self Service Flow

  1. Navigate to Settings > Flows > Self Service

  2. Click + Add new.

Step 1: Details

  1. Enter a Name for the flow

  2. Add a Description if you'd like

  3. Select the audience the self service flow will apply to. You can choose between:
    i. All company - all current employees
    ii. Select by condition - to create a highly targeted list, you can add as many conditions as you like
    iii. Select by name - lookup and select specific employees by name

  4. Click Next

Tip: Use conditions based on company fields to automatically apply the flow to a particular audience. For example, if a condition is used to include contractors, when a new hire joins as a contractor they will automatically be associated with the flow.

Step 2: Categories

  1. Mark all of the Profile categories to be changed according to the configurations of this flow. You can choose from all of the employee profile categories including your custom categories.

  2. Click Next

Step 3: Additional Steps

  1. To add approvers, toggle on Set approvers
    i. Scroll or search and mark the desired first approver
    ii. To add additional approvers Click +Select
    iii. Repeat for as many approvers as you’d like

  2. To add notifications that will be sent out upon completion of the change request flow, toggle on Set notifications
    i. Scroll or search and mark the people that will receive a notification

  3. To automatically trigger a task list upon completion of the change request flow, toggle on Set task list
    i. Choose the desired task list from the dropdown

  4. Press Done

You’re done creating a Profile Change Flow!

The flow is now available for use by the employees the flow was configured to apply to.

Note: Employees will be able to request changes only if they have "view" permissions for the selected categories.

Note: Anyone with "edit" permissions will be able to edit the categories regardless of the flow settings.


To assure that your employees can make changes to the categories you’ve selected within the configured self service flow, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to Settings > Roles & Permissions

  2. Click Manage Group on the permission group that includes the employees who you would like to provide Employee Self Service access to

  3. Go to the Other Employees tab and click on People and look for the category that you'd like your employees to request change for.

  4. Verify the group has permission to view the category and not to edit it.

Making a self service change request as an employee

Ready to let your employees change their own profiles and approve the change based on your configurations? Let them know they can get to their profile and change the needed categories according to these steps.

Approving or rejecting self service requests

Once an employee has submitted a change request the approver/s will be notified and asked to approve or reject the request.

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