New features for a new school year

Simplified splitting up process

Managing employee departures may not always be pleasant, but it should always be graceful. bob takes care of the admin work to make sure no loose ends are left behind. Unfinished tasks are reassigned, offboarding sets off, and departing managers’ teams are reassigned a new manager.

Stay on top of time off

Manage your team’s time off requests with powerful filters and bulk actions. View the requests by time period (day, year, month, etc) or date range, filter every which way and even approve, cancel or decline multiple requests at once.

Customize your peoples’ profiles

Customize the way employee profiles look in each of your sites by choosing and creating custom fields with or without hierarchies. Order the sections however you like, and choose what to spotlight in your people’s profile summary.

Precision and verification keep you safe

Stay safe with an extra verification layer added to your permission group management. From now on, you can set super specific rules when selecting group members. Plus, anytime you update a permission group we’ll give you a quick summary of the changes about to take place so you can take extra care before approving them.

What is paid time? You decide! Define how paid working days and hours are calculated and whether paid time off is included and counted towards overtime.

Keep in touch!

Look out for the next Product Updates here and in your inbox. And as always, if you have any requests for things you would like to see in bob, send us a message by email or in the chat icon below.

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