Almost ready to launch bob to the rest of your organisation? To achieve the wow effect we recommend planning the best way to present bob to your team. We are happy to help you with this as well by sharing some email templates that you can send out periodically in the lead-up to the launch.

We all receive a ton of emails every day, so you can make them more interesting and fun by attaching or embedding some of the files shared with you via the links in this article.

Email 1: ‘bob is coming’ – teaser email playing on who is bob/what is bob

Subject A: Knock-knock, it’s bob.

Subject B: bob’s on their way!

[firstname], we have some exciting news.

* drumroll, please... *

Meet bob, the new addition to our team.

Who’s bob? bob isn’t the office dog, a Pilates instructor, or a new coffee machine—and, yes, their name is spelled with a lowercase “b.”

So who could this mysterious bob character be?

You’ll find out soon. Keep your eyes peeled for more messages to come.


Your friends in HR

Teaser posters: who is not bob

Email 2: ‘introducing bob’ – what bob is, what will bob do and how is bob going to improve our way of working

Subject A: The cat’s out of the bag. Meet bob.

Subject B: Are you ready to meet bob?

(firstname), we want to introduce you to bob.

We emailed you a few days ago to tell you who bob isn’t. Now we’re ready to tell you who bob is: the HR helper and culture guide that you didn’t know you wanted.

  • Want to say thanks to a coworker? bob will make sure they see it, along with the whole team.

  • Can’t remember the IT guy’s name? bob will show you on the org chart.

  • Want to request time off or tell your manager that you need a sick day? bob will send that request via mobile, web, or Slack/Teams, and you’ll get your manager’s answer via notification.

Are you excited? Because we’re excited. There’s a lot of great stuff to come.

Keep your eyes peeled for your official invite.

See you soon,

Your friends in HR

Teaser Posters: bob terms, getting familiar

Email 3: ‘bob is here’ – what bob can do, how you can use bob from the first day

Subject A: Open up, bob’s here!

Subject B: bob’s here!

(firstname), today’s the day.

We’re opening up a whole new dimension for connecting to your teammates—and our culture.

  • Share news (and dog pictures) with the team using Shoutouts

  • Say thanks to teammates using Kudos

  • Share hobbies and superpowers in your personal profile

  • Ask for well-earned time off in (Slack/Teams), the mobile app, or your browser

  • Find partners on different teams by checking out the org chart

...and so much more. bob is here to make HR actions easy—so we can spend more time focusing on the fun stuff. And sending more Kudos.

Sign up, sign in, get connected.

See you on bob!

Your friends in HR

Teaser Posters: things you can do with bob!

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