Ready to implement bob? We’re here to help!

bob is a very intuitive tool and will provide you and your organization with immense value. This article will be your step by step guide on how to set up bob.

Some steps are mandatory for going live; these are marked with an asterisk (*). You can either go live quickly with a basic pre-launch setup by completing only the mandatory steps, continuing setup post-launch, or you can follow all the steps below and have bob completely ready-to-go before launching.

Step 1

Basic account settings:

Step 2

Data import: Get access to your employees’ details by storing important information during this step. The information you input here will automatically generate your org chart!

Step 3

Configuring time off: Allow your employees to request time off from day one.

Step 4

Defining HR processes: Make everybody's life easier by automating HR processes, managing documents and tracking insights.

Step 5

Managing advanced settings: Control what each person in your organization can see and do in bob. Then, take your company culture to the next level by integrating it into the bob ecosystem.

Step 6

Preparing to go live: Launching bob is exciting... Make sure you get it right with lots of support for your people and swag!

Step 7

Additional modules

  • If your package includes the Attendance module, please follow the link for setup instructions*

  • If your package includes the Performance module, please follow the link for instructions on how to use the module

*mandatory steps for going live

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