Setting up the integration with Teamtailor allows you to automatically take newly-hired candidates from Teamtailor and add them to bob.


How to set up the Teamtailor integration

  1. Log-in to Teamtailor, go to Settings > Integrations > API > New API Key

  2. Grant Admin Permission with read/write access. Take note of the API key to use in the following step.

  3. Log-in to bob and navigate to Settings > Integration > Recruitment

  4. Click Manage on the Teamtailor tile

  5. Paste the API Key obtained from Teamtailor in step 1

  6. Click Generate Token and copy the token.

  7. Log back in to Teamtailor and go to Marketplace > HR Systems > bob

  8. Click Activate

  9. Provide the token that was generated in bob In the chat window.

  10. Continuing in Teamtailor, add a trigger to the Hired stage according to these instructions

Which fields are mapped?

CV/Resume will be pulled from Teamtailor and stored in the employee’s confidential docs folder in bob.

How it works

  1. Once you have marked your candidate as hired in Teamtailor, you will receive an email and in-app notification from bob.

To manage or add additional people to receive these notifications, go to Settings

> Integrations > Recruitment after the integration is set up, hover and click over

the notifications area and select the employees you would like to receive.

Teamtailor new hire notifications.

2. The email notification sent includes a link leading to bob where you will be

prompted to select the New Hire template that is right for your new joiner. The

New Hire wizard will launch pre-populated with the data taken from Teamtailor

(see Which Fields are Mapped? above).

3. You will then be able to fill in the new employee's data and complete the hiring


4. At the end of the new hire wizard you can decide to invite the employee now or

on their start date. You will also be able to invite the employee manually on a

date of your choosing.

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