As a system administrator (Admin), you have enhanced functionality on the Time Off section in bob. You'll be able to create reports, request time off on an employee’s behalf, cancel and approve requests, and change an employee’s holiday policy.

Approving Time Off & Company Calendar

As an Admin, you have access to all the time off requests made across your organisation. In order to access them, head over to Time Off > Requests.

Pending Requests

As a Manager or Admin, you can see up to two groups of pending requests:

  1. Pending for your approval - these are the requests awaiting your approval made by your direct reports.

  2. Pending for others approval - these are requests you have access to as an Admin, but are awaiting approval by other managers.

Each request is minimized by default, showing basic information about the request along with quick approve and reject buttons.

Clicking the arrow at the left hand side of each request block expands the view so you can view more insights about the request, including the employee’s current balance and who else from your team is out of office on those days.

Time Off Calendar

At the bottom of the Requests page you'll see your entire company's Time Off calendar. Here you gain full oversight about the timing and policies for which your employees are booking time off. You can filter the view the calendar by site, team, direct/indirect reports.

People's Time Off

Clicking along to the next tab labelled People's Time Off takes you to a table view that manages your employee’s time off information one policy type at a time.

From this section of the platform, you'll be able to:

  • Review the employee’s time off balances: allowances, amount accrued, days taken, approver information and for a given policy type

  • See the employees’ current, previous and future assignments to identify employees who are not assigned to a time off policy

  • Download existing time off data to CSV/Excel

  • Perform bulk actions to selected employees: request time off on behalf of the employees, adjust balances, assign and unassign policies

You can filter by site, department and lifecycle to narrow down the list of employees and use the advance filter to identify employees who are not assigned to a policy, select them and assign to the desired policy

You can change the policy type and add time off information such as balances, time off taken and approvers as columns to the table

Action Menu

Selecting a group of employees (by marking the checkbox to the left of the employee) will show the Action menu on the top left side of the table.

From the menu, you can perform the following actions:

  1. Request time off on behalf of the employee

  2. Adjust balance

  3. Assign policy

  4. Unassign policy

  5. Adjust time off used

  6. Change Approver

Requesting Time Off on Behalf of an Employee

As a Manager/Admin you can submit a request for absence on behalf of the employee by the Actions functionality in the People's Time Off directory.

  1. Mark the employee/s you wish to request time off for in the checkbox to the left of their name/s

  2. Click the Action menu and select Request on behalf

c. In the Submit on behalf dialogue box that opens, select the desired policy
from drop down.
d. Enter the From and To dates using the calendar picker.
e. Define whether the request starts and ends with a whole day, part day or a
number of hours.
f. Check the box next to Auto approve this request if you'd like the Time Off
request to be automatically approved
g. Add a description if you would like a note to be attached to the request.

h. Upload a document (such as Sick leave doctor's note)

Assign employees to a time off policy

As per the policy type selected in the People's time off table, you can select a group of employees and assign them to a policy from list.

The assignment can be done based on a specific date. or using preset date such as the employees' start date or the date the next time off cycle begins.

Unassign employees from their time off policies

As per the policy type selected in the People's time off table, you can select a group of employees and unassign them from their time off policies.

Ussignment can be have an effective date as of a specific date. or using preset date such as the employees' start date or the date the next time off cycle begins.

Change the approvers for employees

Bulk change approver action allow the user to change the approval settings for the selected group of employees.

You can set the following approval scheme:

  • "Set approvers" :set the selected employees approver settings, by selecting the 1st stage approver (either by role - Manager or appoint a specific employee from list). You may also set a 2nd stage approver (either by role - Indirect Manager or appoint a specific employee from list).

  • "Revert to default approver": If there is already a custom approval settings for some employee (that was set via the Employee's Time Off Settings), you can revert back the the default employees' specific settings.

  • "No approval required": for employees who do not require that their time off requests are approved (typically C level executives)

Please note: the bulk change approver, unlike the rest of the bulk actions, will update the approval settings for all policy types the employees are assigned, regardless what policy type was selected in the drop down menu of the People's time off screen.

Example: the user is reviewing all employees Sick policies and wishes to conduct a bulk change approval settings. When the Bulk change approval dialogue opens, it will indicate that the change approval settings will apply to all policy types.

This is because the approval settings are set on the policy level and not policy type level. For example, under the policy type Sick, there might be different policies (such as Sick US, Sick UK and so on) where some of the policies have a custom policy settings (which cannot be overridden) and some policies can (the approval settings is determined by the company default settings or employee specific settings).

Introducing Validation of bulk update

When performing a bulk action to a group of employees, the user will be aware that the update cannot be applied to a set of employees due to validation errors, or that the update will cause an exception to employees.

This allow the user to change the request parameters or reselect the group of employee that the bulk action will be applied to.

Example: user wishes to perform a bulk request on behalf for 24 employees for a holiday from 07/07/2020 - 28/07/2020

When clicking the "Apply" button, an overlay will show with a summary of the employees that will be updated, the employees that will update (but will cause an exception) and the list of employees with validation errors that will not not be updated.

We can see that:

  • 6 people will be updated successfully

  • 15 people will be updated but it will get them into negative balance

  • 3 people will not be updated at all. 1 person has already submitted a request for the selected date, whereas 2 people are not even assigned to a policy for the selected dates.

To see the name of the employees that the update, exception or error pertains to, click the number of people (in black).

You can search for a specific employee from list by typing the name

At this point the user can do the following:

  1. Click "Yes, Apply" and only the people with not errors will be updated with the time off request.

  2. Click "Cancel" and revise the request on behalf bulk action by changing the date range, time period or by amending the list of employees to which the action is performed

Note about bulk change approval validation

When running bulk change approver, the system may prompt that for a group of employees, the bulk change cannot be conducted for a specific policy type. This is because the policy, the employees are assigned to, is defined as "Custom" (which means that the approval settings cannot be overridden).

In this case the user will be prompted with the exceptions of all employees that are assigned to a policy type whose policy is set to custom approval settings and cannot be overridden.

Clicking on the amount (in bold) will show the list of employees who approval settings for the selected policy (type) cannot be overridden.

Review the policy approval settings

To see the policy's approval settings, go to "Settings" > "Time Off" > "Policies", select the policy from list, and from the summary page you locate the "Approvers" settings.

To edit the settings, click "Edit" from the top right action menu and using the wizard, navigate to step 4. You will see that the approval settings is set to "Custom".

Change it to "Employees approval settings" if you wish that the approval settings will be flexible (determined by the employee). This setting can be change via the bulk change approval

Click this help article for more information about the time off approval settings,.

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