Setting up the integration with JazzHR allows you to automatically pull newly-hired candidates from JazzHR into bob.


In order to setup the JazzHR integration, you’ll have to first obtain an API key from JazzHR. Please see JazzHR’s knowledge base to find out how to get your API credentials.


How to set up the JazzHR integration

  1. Navigate to Settings > Integrations > Recruitment

2. Click Connect under the JazzHR tile

3. Enter the JazzHR API key

4. Click Connect

The integration is now setup in bob. You’ll be presented with a Client ID and a Secret Key:

  • Client ID

  • Secret Key is used to validate that the new hires are coming from JazzHR

Tip: Make sure to keep the Client ID and Secret key at hand as you’ll need them in the next section.

5. The final setup step is done in JazzHR. You’ll need to set up a Candidate Export Integration. We also recommend setting up a Workflow Helper in JazzHR.

Which fields are mapped?

Data will be automatically imported from JazzHR to bob once a candidate is marked as hired in JazzHR, according to the table below. Custom fields will also be automatically mapped if they have the same names as bob fields. Resume and documents associated with a candidate in JazzHR will be automatically transferred as well.

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